iCloud Hack Leaked Cloud Security puts Apple and Users at Risk

iCloud Hack Leaked Cloud Security

It's no shock that Cloud Security is a concern; and with recent concerns on Icloud Hacks, Apple is currently performing damage control on one of the most embarrassing data breaches in IT history. The company got hit with a hacking scandal that involved its iCloud service, revealing private photos of a number of prominent celebrities. Apple is now working with the FBI and IT security experts to trace the hacker, but the damage has already been done. The worst things about the incident are that users now have “this sense of uneasiness” when it comes to their iCloud storage and services, something that Apple is looking desperately to fix.

iCloud Hack

Apple stocks sank after the iCloud hack incident, last week its stocks was flying high as anticipation and buzz built for the upcoming new products - iPhone 6, and the iWatch, which are both expected to be announced this month. The stock was hitting new all-time highs, trading up to $103.20, but its back under $100 after the nude photo scandal hit the web. The iCloud's security vulnerabilities, where the photos of celebrities were back up, were blamed for the photos hitting the headlines.

While the images were initially posted to 4chan network, an image-sharing forum, they already have gone viral, the web provide a perfect tool for spreading this kind of information, reaching at least for a time a wide range of social sites like Reddit, Twitter and even Facebook.

The timing could not get much worse for Apple. Because next week, as rumors have it, Apple’s big event is coming. The company is about to roll out two new iPhone devices, a new mobile-payments feature, the much-awaited wearable device as well as health-tracking data tied to your iPhone. And most of that data here is likely to be stored right on the phone and iCloud services. But instead building buzz and media attention for its upcoming products- the new iPhone 6 and iWatch, the company is scrambling to repair its image and is looking desperately to fix the iCloud incident.

So What Exactly Is iCloud?

To give you a basic and short background, iCloud is Apple’s integrated web-based service for synchronizing content across devices (iPhone), which allows users to store their data in the cloud. Its Apple’s main cloud storage service, it provides also users a great way to backup their data through the cloud. It’s really an amazing service for millions of Apple users. The problem is, the company has plans to leverage iCloud service further to extend mobile payments, online e-commerce, and general storage for upcoming operating system improvements-OS X Yosemite. But that is about to change because of the iCloud photo scandal, and will all be a tall order if users do not trust the basic security of this service.

In an effort to combat this and fix this problem, many speculate that the company might employ some big changes, a massive security overhaul to make iCloud and other devices safer against hackers.

Apple looks seriously bad after the iCloud hacking incident, it’s probably the single biggest reason why the company shares fell 4.2% on Wednesday, and some have warned that it could spoil the expected Sept. 9 announcement of the new iPhone 6 and the much awaited iWatch.

If you suspect your AppleID has been hacked refer to safety precautions on Icloud Hacks.

Image credit: BusinessInsider

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