Worldwide CAD Trends Survey

Worldwide CAD Trends Survey

Trends about any business sector is a necessity for successful planning of any business entity, this makes it ideal for every business planners to arm themselves with relevant reports emanating in the market about trends, for establishments dealing in statistics, trends, computing, engineering and related fields like PDM, CAD, CAM, PLM and CAE, the yearly report comes in handy to help in fostering strategic planning in the current year and future, a report of this caliber is a reliable tool to know how to measure up with the current trends in the IT fraternity.

The chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of a reputable company known worldwide for survey in CAD trends, Chris Turner of Business Advantage declared, for several years our marketing research efforts have seen a completion of more than 500 reports which are documented, we have also done a number of consultations tasks and data analysis for some of the leading companies around the world, the companies are known for their solution provision in CAD, PLM, CAM and CAE, the revelation by the confidential finding show certain competitiveness in advantages due to strategies, all the details have not yet been brought to the public domain except just a few.

But our strong belief is that the technology enhancements by CAD, PLM, CAM, and CAE have immensely contributed on the growth of several sectors worldwide are equally paramount, many industries players also find great interest in this aspect, owing to this fact, we are prompted to carry out annual research touching on worldwide CAD Trends Survey, the projects are sponsored by us with results relayed to the public.

A total of 14 trends are covered in the survey which includes the following; 'building information modeling', '3D modeling', this was done through to 'Cloud based CAD', trends in simulations was also included even '3D printing, 'Open Source CAD', then 'Big Data Applications' the above named trends and ratings are done featuring their importance, awareness, adoption now and future to determine their potentials in growth.

There Was Also More Surprising Finding As Can Be Seen Below

  • The manufacturing of the '3D modeling' and its use is been sped up by AEC.
  • 'Simulation' usage is now at 28% with the United States and Germany alone taking 35% and 47% respectively.
  • 'BIM' is posed to enjoy larger profits in future owing to its improvements in design at 59%, saving time on design at 54% and the cost take 35%.
  • 'Concurrent Engineering" according to the ratings will bring more than average growth now and future projections.
  • 'Mobile Access to CAD' has shown extra ordinary growth with importance currently, there is even a more potential growth to higher levels in the future, this will be experienced more in Pacific and Asia regions
  • '3D Printing' has experienced a higher growth with United States taking a Lions share at 26% followed by EMEA at 12% then Pacific's and Asia region trailing at 11%.
  • 'Cloud Based CAD' currently has a lesser usage and lower importance in every region, but prospects are high that it will be embraced more in the future.
  • 'Big Data' awareness is still very less for the CAD users, the awareness is still very dismal just at only 10%.

The exercise has also answered many important queries which includes; whether the investments in yearly upgrading software is worth, what is the current hardware applicable to CAD use, and what next will be used, what extent does the CAD downloadable and which ways do clients prefer to embrace the developments in the industry, the interesting questions can be more intriguing depending on the usage of this technology, this can be seen differently according to regions, Countries, companies, industry, sizes and various software's.

Business Advantage as a company was started way back in 1992, it's an established B2B Marketing research company with other functions being Business Development and Consultancy, its marketing consultancy is mostly carried out on IT globally, Telecommunications Industry and in Digital Communication sector, the company team of experts in research have been involved in B2B Marketing Researches worldwide, they have done researches in five continents for more than one hundred companies in IT with excellent completions, their work can be proved owing to good feedback from reputable companies in IT sector.

The company has provided services to several companies of repute in the field of information technology marketing research, some of the big names includes; Canon, Autodesk, Dell, IBM, HP, Microsoft, Oracles, Xerox, Sony and many others, this is a testament of their quality service to the industry.

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