Windows 9: Rumors and Predictions

Windows 9

Even though Windows 9 is still a public secret, it is already known that it will be nicknamed “Threshold”. Whether it is because Windows 9 is a border for something yet unknown for the public or because it will be mind-blowing it has still to be seen. However, it was already leaked that the new Windows will definitely be a better version of Windows 8 and a lot of hope is laid in it to redeem the tarnished Windows 8.

It is also expected that the Metro system will stay even in Windows 9, making it very similar to Windows 8’s layout, which could be a bad marketing move, because the design did not please a lot of customers.

A Lower Price?

It is rumored that Windows 9’s price will be significantly lower and it will be because the basic desktop version will have a fixed price.

Other packages and upgrades will cost extra, but Microsoft has also leaked that a vast majority of upgrades will be available for free. Overall, if Microsoft delivers, it will be a large step forward for Windows.


Great news for everyone who disliked Metro, although it will still be a crucial part of Windows 9, it will be possible to turn it off and to use desktop-only modes; no more weird and confusing shortcuts. Moreover, it will be possible to allow certain elements of Metro, so it will be a different experience for each an ever customer.

Virtual Desktops

A lot Windows users face the constant problem of having to set up different background and different setting for their numerous projects, and although virtual desktops are not anything new, it will be included in Windows 9. This is great news, as it will allow better productivity and increased proficiency. Furthermore, one device using Windows 9 can be transformed into a multilayered station which can be used for either work or home purposes as well.

Improved Security

Microsoft is vigorously working on creating an integrated anti-virus, but they are still not able to make it happen. However, Windows 9 might change all of it as it was already leaked that the improved anti-virus might just be enough protection on its own. It would certainly be a nice change of pace for Microsoft to step up their game regarding virus and other malware protection.

Air Recovery?

It is also rumored that if anything happens to your PC and you need to reinstall some parts of your system or if you need to recover your lost software, it will be possible to do so via a Cloud system. It will also be possible to store information related to hardware as well, so that you do not have to worry about losing a key file.

This also means that you will not have to use a plethora of USB flash drives to store vital software and installation files. It will certainly make system recovery a lot easier, and faster.

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