Why Small Businesses Need a Checklist for Cybersecurity

Businesses Need a Checklist for Cybersecurity

If you are a small to medium-sized business owner don’t make the mistake thinking that your data is not appealing to cyber criminals. In your business all data that relates, to employees, financial accounts, partners, and customers is what cyber criminal’s target. Therefore, your company needs a checklist to guard your business and data against cyber criminals.

Steps To Prepare And Protect Company Against Hackers And Possible Closure

Do you have a dedicated IT person or managed services provider?

Today, cybersecurity has become a fast growing complex challenge for many small to medium-sized business owners. Most security solutions today are automated to protect individuals and businesses against cyber criminals, viruses, and other malware that can infect their computers. However, for your business’s data security it is better to have an IT person or managed services provider that can make sure your software is installed correctly and can keep you informed about network security issues.

What does your business use for security software?

Small business owners either rely on free security software or consumer-grade software for their security needs. These solutions are not for businesses and were designed to protect individuals. Considering today’s businesses tend to have multiple employees that use BOYD solutions to facilitate their daily work needs it is important that your business has a solution to fully protect you. Security as a service is one solution for small businesses because the software is always up to date and requires little management from your IT personnel.

Do your employees use a range of BOYD devices?

Most businesses today use a wide range of mobile devices and BOYD for their personal and work use. Therefore, this creates more exposure for your company and can cause greater threats for hackers to exploit. It is critical that all your mobile devices and employee’s BOYD be protected and part of your security program.

Does your company use Wi-Fi?

WiFi networks either in your business or home are another point of exposure for your business if not properly secured. Your business needs to understand the risks of having a WiFi network in your business and how to properly secure this network. To secure your WiFi network use a WPA2 and strong passwords. Also, create a separate logon and password for each guest logging into your network. This helps to reduce exposure to your work WiFi network. Also, if your employees use a WiFi hotspot or have a WiFi network router at home, you need to protect your employees mobile devices.

Does your company employ a security policy and train your employees on IT security issues?

IT expertise and software can only protect your business so much. One of the biggest weaknesses in cybersecurity is your employees and human factors. When your employees engage in risky online behaviors this puts your business at risk from cyber criminals. The only way to reduce your company’s exposure to cyber criminals is to have strict network security practices in place... Also, it is important to train your employees on safe Internet security practices and continue to remind them about their security practices.

Does your IT department check your software for updates and new releases?

Hackers exploit software flaws to gain access to critical data from businesses. Once a hacker finds a flaw in the software they use the flaw to gain access to your data. Once the software maker discovers the flaw they are able to send out a fix. But, if your IT department doesn’t update your system software your company’s data remains at risk. This also applies to outdated apps and Smartphone updates that your employees fail to do. Keeping all your networks and mobile devices update is critical for your business.

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