Why Joomla Is The Way Forward For Websites

Why Joomla Is The Way Forward For Websites

Joomla is now widely used around the world as a Content Management System. This type of platform can aid you in deploying content which is managed according to your requirements. Joomla offers many valuable features which means it is a good alternative to a traditional HTML-based website, and the changeover is easy enough to implement.

Main Reasons Why Joomla Is So Popular

  1. Joomla supports a variety of international languages. This will be of great use to you if your business is a global one and your customers are not English-only readers. When Joomla is installed, it works as a language extension and it is then possible for visitors to select which language they want to use to view your website. Only think, you can customize the language with just one click of the mouse.
  2. User authentication is supported by Joomla. It is very handy as it means that multiple users can access the website at the same time, each with his or her own user IDs. With traditional websites, developers needed to add authentication and user access features, but with Joomla it comes as a built-in feature. If you use extensions you can build a social networking site for little or no cost and in a short space of time, compared to what you would pay to hire a developer to do this.
  3. The templates are ideal for creating a consistent look and feel over the whole of the website. There is no need here to worry about an errant page ruining the look of the entire site. Joomla displays all the webpages within a template and this template can be manipulated at any time. So it means there is no need to go through each and every webpage to change anything about it, as one click is all it takes to change the entire thing.
  4. Using Joomla means that a number of users can work on the website at the same time. Once the user has been granted the necessary permission, anyone who has a web browser can create content for use on the website and can publish it there. In addition, when you publish again the newly published pages will have the same template as the older ones which ensures that consistency is maintained throughout the site
  5. One of the most useful features of Joomla is that it allows for the use of extensions. Extensions are software programs pre-installed onto an existing website giving extra functionality to the website which of the standard that its installation does not offer. Since there are hundreds of available extensions, Joomla has the ability to do just about anything that a website needs to do without the need of further customisation. It is just a question fo finding the correct extension.

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