Why Brand Managers Start Jumping Aboard Pinterest

Why Brand Managers Start Jumping Aboard Pinterest

Pinterest can still be considered a neophyte in the social network environment. However, its “beginner” status did not hinder the site’s major success in the past two years of its existence.

According to reports and to the surprise of everyone, Pinterest has earned more than 10 million unique monthly visitors every month and last January 2012, it stood proud among the rest of the social network groups with a whopping 11.7 million unique visitors.

Today, Pinterest renders more traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined. These three sites are not just some small-time social sharing networks. These companies have cemented themselves within the consciousness of consumers as trusted brands. With Pinterest gaining the respect of both the public and its competitors, it’s still a wonder why some brand managers tend to do away with Pinterest.

Some marketers would relegate Pinterest as something secondary. It is new in the field of marketing, and therefore long-time players would tend to think that Pinterest has little or even no clout at all in the market. It is also unchartered territory, thus being seemingly like venturing into abyss without the benefit of climbing back up. Whatever the reason may be, positive and/or otherwise, Pinterest has just given a new meaning to the world of socialization.

Should Brand Managers Really Start Jumping Aboard Pinterest?

The answer is clear: yes, brand managers and marketers should go alongside Pinterest in order to gain new perspectives and a brand new audience. Of course, there is no discounting the fact that Pinterest is also a social networking site just like Facebook and Twitter, but it proved to be on a different scale and a fresh approach to the traditional and common “like” and “retweet”.

We, as the public want to have a necessary new meaning when it comes to advocating a certain brand, service or whatnot. Pinterest stepped up to the pedestal and gained the respect of almost everybody even if it has only lingered in cyberspace for a couple of months. The statistics above can speak of the potential of Pinterest and what it can possibly do to uplift not only the brand that you are carrying, but also the whole company as a whole.

Promoting Your Brand And Content Via Pinterest

What makes Pinterest unique is the idea that it is different from the rest of the pack: the way Pinterest moves goes in line with the method of discovery or the fact that it caters more on the content rather than the person who pinned the content. Facebook and Twitter caters more on the person “sharing” the content or “retweeting” a certain 140 character post, but in Pinterest, it’s the other way around – the content leads to the person who pinned it. Accounts also pointed another major breakthrough: 80 percent of pins over at Pinterest are “re-pins” as opposed to a meager 1.4 percent retweets via Twitter.

Going Viral On Pinterest

On the whole, Pinterest is a sure way to break free from the barriers created by other social networking sites. Of course there is also a fact that it deals with a worldwide audience that regularly visits the site. If you deem to think that the Internet plays a major role to you, your brand and to the whole business enterprise itself, then Pinterest is perfect for you for one prime reason: Referral traffic. Businesses will now have a new domain to showcase their ventures for the whole wide world to see and appreciate and with the bulk of visitors coming over at Pinterest, think of the possibilities that sometime the next day, one of your pins would be re-pinned and the eventual discovery of everything that goes in line with it.

The issues of using Pinterest as a branding tool will eventually boil down to personal choice. Brand managers and brand marketers are those that deal with quick decisions that can either make or break their respective brands. Putting your brand out on the Internet is a good start, considering the wide audience it faces on a daily basis. Integrating it with social networks is a boost that goes on a more holistic and widened approach to gain new audiences that somehow wasn’t able to see the brand via other searches or other media. Pinning that brand over at Pinterest, however, is a start of something beautiful that will eventually spell success and triumph if everything is put into place.

Truth be told: Pinterest is still working its way up the competition ladder but it is now posing as a direct threat to those above it, and even gaining the communities’ trust at 81 percent, overtaking Twitter (73 percent) and Facebook (67 percent). Such potential will eventually be incorporated to your brand if and only if you give Pinterest a try.

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