Which Industries Will Have the Highest Demand for Mobile Apps?

Highest Demand for Mobile Apps

As a society, we have become increasingly reliant on technology and mobile app development. This type of intuitive and smart technology offers smartphone users everything that they could possibly need throughout the course of day to day living, and the rising demand for convenience ensured that 2014 was a highly lucrative year for the mobile app development sector.

Technological and social evolution is relentless, however, meaning that the nature of this industry will continue to change in order to meet the needs of customers.

Which Industries Will Have The Highest Demand For Mobile App Development?

1. Real Estate

The global real estate and property market has thrived in recent times, with developed economies such as the UK having experienced consistent growth during 2014. With prices soaring and the demand for property likely to continue throughout 2015 and beyond, there will be a far greater need for mobile real estate apps that provide access to real-time listings, historical valuations and advice on how to sell your house for a desired profit. Experts forecast that the global property market will achieve consistent growth over the course of the next three years, which will trigger increased activity and the development of more purposeful mobile apps.

2. Food Distribution

In fairness, the food distribution and delivery market has been growing steadily for more than a decade. From Seamless and GrubHub in the U.S. to Just Eat in the UK, there are a number of on-demand services that rely on mobile apps to drive their business model. This is set to reach new and exalted levels in 2015, however, with companies such as Wunwun and Postmates having gone nationwide in the last twelve months and developed sophisticated apps to help accept, manage and distribute a higher volume of orders. The delivery of home groceries is also set to benefit from increased demand in 2015, with American start-up Instacart having raised more than $100 million in new funding to help increase its mobile presence.

3. Home Services

While we all like to live in clean and well-presented homes, the demands and hectic pace of modern life makes this difficult to achieve on occasions. This is why there is set to be a further demand for home service apps, which can be designed to help everything from assembling flat-pack furniture to appoint an on-demand house cleaning service. In more specific terms, 2015 will see a growing number of mobile apps that are designed to manage large-scale renovations and remodeling tasks, with start-ups such as Pro.com and Porch.com enabling customers to implement design ideas and interact with tradesmen and generate quotations.

While these sectors will experience a significantly high demand for new and innovative mobile apps in 2015, the majority of industries will continue to invest in developing new platforms that benefit their customers. According to research by Opinion Matters, 85% of all organizations now operate between one and 20 mobile applications; and experts predict that this number will reach an estimated 95% within the next two years.

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