Where will the Mobile App Development be Heading this Year?

Mobile App Development

Last year we saw the mobile app development industry thrive as new applications were developed for the cloud and the mobile industry. The mobile app industry started to really mature at the end of the year from tablets and smart phone to wearable tech devices and The Internet of Things (IoT). However, this year we will see mobile apps grow and start to develop at a rapid speed.

Where Are We Heading This Year?

1. Mobile apps will start to develop rapidly

Employees are starting to demand more from their employers and companies are finding it hard to keep up with the demands for new mobile apps. Businesses need to start launching their new products faster to keep up with the growing demands. Therefore, the main focus for businesses app developers will be to find a solution to shorten the development life cycle and reduce their timeframe between developments to launch. Businesses will need more rapid app development tools to help them meet the growing demands.

2. Cloud driven technology will play a major role in mobile app development

Mobile app developers will rely heavily on cloud technology to integrate and sync their business apps on multiple devices. Cloud technologies will help app developers to build their mobile apps that can easily sync on multiple devices using the same functions, data, and features.

3. Security remains a major concern for businesses that use mobile apps

This year app developers need to seriously consider the security of the apps they are developing. Last year we saw numerous related hacks and information leaks and this year, hackers will continue to exploit mobile apps for their lack of security.

4. Developers will start to develop more wearable apps for enterprises and industries

Last year the wearable technology became one of the hottest consumer electronics trends thanks to Apple Watch. More enterprises are expected to use wearable devices this year to improve their efficiency and productivity. Company’s app developers need to chance their focus from smart phone and tablets to developing more apps for wearable devices.

5. The Internet of Things (IoT) will see more people connecting from multiple mobile devices

More people are connecting to the Internet of Things through multiple mobile devices. This will force app developers to focus on maturing their mobile apps to include the user experience on various devices. The new app development will help businesses reach their consumers with the right app at the right time.

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