What's Your Network Doing Today?

Network Doing Today

Do you know what is happening on your network at any given moment? Do you have any idea how your servers, workstations, printers, and switches are performing? If your answer is no, then it's time you find out!

RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) software provides insight into a multitude of devices on your network. RMM software can monitor all the different pieces of hardware that reside on your network as well as devices that come and go from your network and let you know how they are performing.

RMM software is available from several different vendors. All of them require an investment in time to install and configure to run efficiently on your network. There are free or paid versions of the software depending on your needs. You will have to compare the different offers to find the best features and cost balance for your organization. They all have a basic set of core features, though.

Some of those of features are:

  • Remote Control of systems
  • Asset Management and Inventory
  • Software Deployment
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Notifications based on criteria
  • Patch Management
  • Deploying custom scripts

Many times the vendors allow adding features to move beyond some of the core functionality of the software. All of this just enhances the insight into a plethora of devices that reside on your network. It can allow you in real-time to know if devices are failing or intruders are knocking at your door. It also helps you maintain your systems in the most efficient manner possible to free your time for other projects or concerns.

Most of the RMM software today will also help manage your mobile environment by checking where phones are and what they are running for software. It also provides the ability to lock or wipe the phone.

The RMM software provides a single pane of glass view of the whole network of devices and can determine status at any given moment. Along with that comes the invaluable piece of setting up notifications to email or SMS thereby giving an early warning of problems and allowing you the chance to be proactive instead of reactive.

Some Popular Flavors Of RMM Software

Any of these are a valuable asset to give you a handle on your network. If the costs of RMM software is holding you back from deploying this in your environment, I would definitely look at the free option of Spiceworks to give you the ability on a budget.

With any choice you make, unless your network consists of only a handful of devices, you will probably find benefit from the use of some sort of RMM software. I would encourage every network administrator to take a serious look at the various versions of RMM out there and review their features along with ease of use and cost to determine its viability in their network.

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