What to Do if Your Cursor is “Cursed”

Cursor Broken

Have you ever been working on your computer when all of a sudden it appears that your cursor has a mind of its own? The cursor starts moving around on your screen or opens a file or program you didn’t want.

Two Reasons Why A Cursor Can Behave In Such A Manner

  1. Your computer has a hardware problem with your PS2 or USB ports.
  2. A person has hacked your computer and has now taken control of your mouse to open programs, files, or install information.

Once a hacker has gained access to your computer, it is possible for them to remotely control it at any time. Most hackers will wait until your computer has sat idle for an extended period of time. In general, hackers find that a person will leave their systems running when they have finished for the evening. Therefore, it is important to shut it down your in the evening and disconnect it from the Internet.

Hackers can use the control they have to remotely open and close programs. They can break into your bank account and transfer money to their own account, take over your stocks and shares, and engage in all kinds of online criminal activities for gain, to steal whatever they can from you.

As soon as you have determined your computer has been hacked it is important to immediately stop using it. Shut down your operating system, unplug your computer, and disconnect your router cable. Furthermore, you should turn off your router, in case the hacker was able to gain access to another computer on your network.

To remove a hacker’s remote access control, it is necessary to seek professional help. Contact a professional computer maintenance company to ask their advice. If you have any computer experience you can delete the malware installed on your computer. Otherwise, it is best to leave it to the experts. They are experienced with this type of malware and can cleanse your hard drive.

Before cleaning the malware on your computer it is recommended that you contact a forensic computer analysis to examine your hard drive. You will need a forensic trace report from a court certified forensic specialist to give to the police, your bank, or other financial institutions. Next, borrow a computer from work, a friend, or family member, to change all your online passwords. Furthermore, once you have been hacked it is pertinent to contact your bank, credit card companies and local authorities.

Finally, have an expert backup your computer data, wipe your hard drive, and reinstall your operating system and programs. Many hackers who gain remote control of your computer can easily infect your computer again. Before adding your data back to your clean operating system, run a virus and malware check. Additionally, it is recommended that you don’t reinstall all your emails back to your account. One of your emails was probably the reason a hacker gained access to your computer in the first place.

Or your mouse/cursor could be broken, and you should just get a new one.

Picture courtesy of www.actiontrip.com

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