What are Enterprises Best Practices for Cloud Computing?

Enterprises Best Practices for Cloud Computing

When your enterprise is ready to move their mission-critical data to the cloud you must first fully understand the difference of cloud-based services. The cloud environment offers consumer use services and services designed to meet the demanding needs for your business. Your cloud provider needs to provide you with enterprise-ready services that you can design from the ground up to meet your needs. Before trusting your mission-critical data with any cloud provider your IT department must make an important decision and thoroughly understand the associated selection criteria.

Practices That Committing To Any Cloud Provider

Before committing to any cloud provider investigate and understand these practices:

  1. Is the cloud service designed for your enterprise? When selecting your cloud provider select only the provider who offers cloud services designed for enterprise-class technology. Your enterprise needs an optimized-environment that offers maximum up-time and gives you a high level of security.
  2. Does the cloud provider have a certified engineer at the operations center 24x7? Is the cloud provider fully committed to providing your enterprise remote infrastructure and cloud management? Is there a service support desk available to you 24x7? Is their operations center staffed with certified engineers who can look at the bigger picture and provide you with recommendations beyond what they are managing now? All these are important aspects of a good cloud service provider. Before signing a contract, ask your provider if they offer you these services.
  3. What is the service-level agreement the cloud service provider offers your enterprise? Your cloud service provider should provide you with a service-level agreement that clearly states the response and resolution times. Each provider should be able to customize your agreement to fit your unique business needs.
  4. What is the level of security the cloud provider offers your enterprise? The cloud security policies should be built on industry standards and address each regulation. Furthermore, the security police needs to focus on risk management, vulnerability analysis, and audit compliance.
  5. Does your cloud service provider have a global reach? Ask your cloud service provider if they operate on a global scale and if they offer a unified cloud experience. Ask your provider how often he will meet with you to review your services and your activities.

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