8 Things Your Employees Need to Know About Cyber Security

Know About Cyber Security

Cyber crimes and data breaches have become a weekly event in the news. However, this is not the only problem. The networks breached by cyber criminals leave more people’s data exposed. Unfortunately, cyber criminals gain access to corporate networks because of employee’s negligence or ignorance. To help secure your network against cyber attacks, it is important to train your employees in this area so they are adept at handling anything that might come up. Developing strict network policies will lessen the chance of a cyber criminal breaching your network.

How To Train Your Employees?


Hold mandatory network security meetings each quarter. During the meeting emphasize the importance of network security. Train your staff on what they should do to protect and secure their mobile data. Cyber security awareness and training is important for your employees in order to protect your network against a cyber attack.

IT Staff and Management

Cyber criminals love to target company’s top management and IT staff members. These employees have higher clearance levels to access critical data and customer information. Securing these people’s network access and monitoring their network activities will alert you to potential data threats.

Weak Links

Any network security is only as strong as their weakest link. Therefore, you need to continually remind your employees about network security. One way is to send them a friendly email reminder that your organization is working hard to protect the network. Furthermore, you are asking each employee to do their part when it comes to network security.

Be Alert

Continually emphasize how important it is for each employee to be on the lookout for suspicious activity. Your employees need to carefully monitor all their emails, phone calls, and social media accounts. Cyber criminals now call businesses posing as an employee to gain information about your network.


Train all your employees on how to recognize a potential cyber attack. Each person needs a set of procedures to follow when they suspect a cyber attack. Furthermore, they should report any suspicious account activities or loss of a BOYD that has company data stored on it.

Notify Employees

If your company’s network is under a cyber attack, immediately notify all your employees. A standard procedure needs to be followed. Give instructions to everyone on how to handle customers and the press if approached. Containing the incident will significantly lessen the impact.

Test Employees

It is recommended that you test your employees about their cyber security knowledge. Afterwards, use their knowledge or lack of knowledge in your training sessions. Continue to train your employees about the latest tactics that cyber criminals use to breach networks.

Find Solutions

During the training session, ask employees if they have any problems. Listen to what they say and then find a solution. Employees find it difficult to remember their new passwords. Each week employees are required to change their passwords. Unfortunately, a person will keep track of their new passwords in an email, USB drive, or taped to their computer. Therefore, your company needs to use a secure password program for each employee.

In Conclusion

Keeping your employees aware of cyber criminal activities, regular training sessions, and corporate security policies will lessen the risk of your network being breached. It is important to have security policies in place when your network is under a cyber attack. Conducting regular training sessions, friendly email reminders, and finding solutions to problems will help you to protect your network.

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