What You Need to Know About VOIP Security

What You Need to Know About VOIP Security

VOIP security has always been an issue with corporations' network administrators. The security issues continue to pose problems and challenges for the network. The traditional landline major security issues that companies faced was the problem of wire tapping. However, companies today have switched from traditional PBX to VOIP. Now companies face the problems from online hackers. The new VOIP applications rely on the Internet which continues to pose security problems for everyone.

Businesses Need To Pay Attention to Security Issues Of VOIP Systems


Any VOIP-based phone system can become a victim of Spam over IP technology (SPIT). This causes your network phone system to continually ring with unsolicited messages and calls. Furthermore, your employees' productivity will decline because of answering these calls. SPIT also poses other risks to corporations' networks. The SPIT attacks on VOIP can cause DoS attacks, bandwidth usage problems, and hacked phone numbers which will add thousand of dollars in charges to your service each month.

Internet Traffic

Hackers and cybercriminals use sniffers to detect VOIP services through the packets sent over the Internet. The programs can detect what information any company is sending over their VOIP service. The hacker then traps and collects any unencrypted data. Therefore, if your VOIP provider doesn’t encrypt the data passed through the VOIP network any hacker can steal important information.

Network Security

Any VOIP phone system is vulnerable to security breaches. Companies' network administrators need to secure the network with gateway security, patching procedures, firewall configurations, review the syslogs, and wireless security.

Denial of Service

A Denial of Service (DoS) can shut down any business network and VOIP phone service. The DoS attacks your broadband connections and completely disables your Internet service. The loss of Internet services disables your company’s communication network.

Patching Problem

VOIP handsets require frequent updates and patches. If your company’s IT department doesn’t keep your VOIP network correctly updated hackers can breach your phone system.

In Conclusion

Businesses today have switched to VOIP-based phone systems for cost savings and convenience. However, if your network administrator doesn’t have the proper security measure installed on your network hackers can breach your VOIP phone system. Furthermore, VOIP phone systems require frequent patches and updates to keep them secure. To avoid DoS attacks, data loss, and network breaches it is important to find a VOIP provider who offers encrypted data and frequent security patches for your network.

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