4 Key Points You Need to Know About Network Time Servers

Network Time Servers

For those of you unfamiliar with this term, time servers are server computers which read actual time from reference clocks and feed this information to clients over computer networks. These devices may be local network time servers or internet time servers. There exist a variety of protocols that are commonly used for sending time signals over serial connections and radio links. The most widely used and significant protocol for distributing and synchronizing Internet time is Network Time Protocol (NTP), although there are still more outdated and less popular ones in use. In today’s world, everyone is to a greater or lesser extent reliant on digital networks for the provision of timely and accurate information, which means that this has now become an integral part of modern network applications.

Some Important Advantages To Using Network Time Servers

Scheduled System Backups

It is crucial for every organization to maintain a routine monthly schedule of successful data back-ups. If the systems fail to back up correctly or become out of sync, they can be a real liability to the organization, since these back-ups are essential to ensure the network and systems remain secure from outside attack.

Network Acceleration

Network accelerators are types of time servers which keep the time synchronized between multiple users and devices, so that a lot of different people can collaborate on a piece of work, even in real time. This greatly helps productivity, since if your organization uses a wide file area system with multiple users who contribute to documents, it can be hard to work out which version of the document is the most up-to-date, if you don’t have a network accelerator.

Network Management

Whenever something is amiss with the network, your first priority is to find out what has gone wrong is the system log. This log is key for diagnosing problems and troubleshooting. If the logs are not synchronized, it can take much longer to locate the problem and restore system functioning and optimal performance, which is where network time servers are indispensable.

Intruder Awareness and Analysis

If someone is able to break into your network, you will need to know how it became vulnerable and what data the hacker has accessed. This will only be possible if the service logs and router are time-stamped accurately. Hackers will usually delete the system logs, but if they do not and the data time is not accurate, these crooks have more opportunities and time to use the network for their own ends.

So it can be seen that a network administrator can always rely on the timekeeping capability of a NTP server, for maintaining the security of the network and systems, and ensuring that they are accurately time-stamped.

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