What New Cloud Trends Can We Expect In 2015?

New Cloud Trends

This year has been the year for the public cloud wars, but next year we will see a rise in cloud platforms. Next year will bring forth drastic changes in the cloud landscape from business intelligence 2.0 to virtualization. The organization will see next year how the impact of the cloud platform will change their daily tasks of their business structure to the tasks of their IT teams. New challenges wait for CIOs and IT teams as the cloud providers will start seeing a major shift for innovation, competition, and functionality.

What Are The New Cloud Trends We Will See Unfold?

Cloud universes will be pulled together by gravitational forces

The different cloud universes, for HR, finances, sales and enterprise services will start centering on each other. This year cloud uses have started demanding the expansive functionality that integration provides, but next year these demands will increase. Cloud users want a broader view of their customers and services plus more shared services. Therefore, this next year’s cloud vendor will continue to build connections that will bring them closer together. This task is not as complicated as in the data center era because the cloud world has less technological obstacles to face.

2015 will bring new compliances and regulations

More organizations are drawn to cloud platforms because of how they are maturing and the financial and innovative benefits they receive. The cloud industry will force cloud providers to take the necessary steps to receive their industry certifications, align to Sarbanese-Oxley, HIPAA, FedRamp, and FDA with new platforms designed for these purposes.

The new focus will be on services

Next year, CIOs will not buy computing power, but they will buy services. In past years the IT team was the administrator of the data center’s infrastructure. But, this next year as the hardware behind the cloud continues to grow and become more scalable, IT teams will start to move away from the hardware-centric of CPUs and storage space.

Next year we will see business intelligence 2.0 and data as a service emerges

This year many companies have started to build cloud-based systems to capture their corporate operational data. The data residing in the cloud-based systems are increasingly ripe for business intelligence. Therefore, enterprise projects no longer have the need to find relevant data and coalesce it into a warehouse. Their data will reside in a single system of record. Next year we will see the increase in enterprises tapping into this data to gain operational insight.

A new agile development process will be brought to businesses, teams by cloud platforms

The cloud platform is expediting the way business teams can now convert their ideas into creating new applications. With a common platform that a cloud service provides, businesses can now have their IT teams rapidly create and test their new applications. The platform speeds up the creation and testing of these applications for a few days or weeks instead of several months. This next year the cloud platform will unleash a new era of B2B innovation.

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