What Is LTE Technology - Long Term Evolution

LTE - Long Term Evolution

LTE Technology

Technology used in mobile networks has been improving continuously for the past decade. Presently we experience the 4G technology that provides us with high speed data transfer rates. However, there is a new thing called the LTE technology. It will be interesting to explore this technology and understand what it offers to the world of digital communication. Most people understand it as a technology that is able to enhance the speed of networks. As far as system administrators are concerned, it is a system used to provide better services to their subscribers. In the mean time it also cut down their costs to a great extent. They also announce through commercials that it is an outstanding concept available for system engineering. But actually, it is the result of the evolution brought about by the Universal Mobile Telecommunication system.

Though we have access to all these pieces of information we are still in the dark as far as the knowledge we have on what LTE means. What LTE really is considered the next step of the 3gpp? 3gpp is the abbreviation for “Third Generation Partnership Project” and they are the group of people who are responsible for enhancing and institutionalizing UMTS. UMTS means the norms that dictate the characteristics of 3G for Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) network that spans the entire world. This includes the 3G system of AT&T as well as that of T-Mobile. This system will never bring in any benefits to users of Cdma technology. This is because 3gpp doesn’t keep up Cdma 2000 for users of Cdma 2000. However, LTE will substitute systems of Cdma offered by Sprint, Verizon Wireless and au offered by KDDI as well as others with a cell information transfer system which will never be found a rival in the near future. It also offers the network administrat ors as well as supporters with good adoptability and force.

LTE is a system innovation that could be well adopted and is going to be very effective. Also, it is a good system. Over long separations it is able to offer low latencies as well as high speeds. When you look at the results of an evaluation made on the three service providers in New York City this effect will be proven beyond doubt. LTE administration of Verizon provided 7.67 mbps as its normal download velocity and its transfer speed was 3.76 mbps. The same way, LTE administration of AT&T showed normal download speed of 19.21mbps while its normal transfer speed was 10.09 mbps. LTE administration of Sprint provided 12.5 mbps as its normal download speed and it offered a transfer rate of 4.24 mbps. When 3G administrations were checked Verizon returned a normal download speed of 0.47mbps and the transfer pace was 0.15 mbps. The 3g speed of Sprint was comparatively worse. These comparative studies done in order to appraise different networks were carried out in different urban areas too.

Due to numerous advantages offered by it the LTE network throughout the entire planet witness unsurpassed growth. The estimated market by year 2020 is going to be worth $997 billion according to the estimates already prepared depending on market research carried out by Allied Market Research. The primary factor that drives the market is the increased demand for higher rates of data transfer and the higher efficiency of the spectrum. As such, the day when the entire global 3g network is being replaced by LTU technology is not going to be a distant reality. We will have our fingers crossed until that day dawns. When it does, digital communication will improve in such an extent that the concept of global village could be realized sooner than later.

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