What Do You Know About Unique Servers?

RLX Blade Primary usage

We have talked about some servers of the past, explaining how they have benefited society. Now we are going to discuss some present day servers that could be unconventional and unique.

RLX Blade

Primary usage: Server

The RLX blade was known as the first blade server, it was created by RLX technologies (founded in 1999) in Houston Texas. A blade server is a special server designed with the most minimal components required to operate, cutting down on energy usage and physical space of the server. In turn, saving money and energy usage, which for both small and large companies is a huge plus.

Because of it's design blade servers are very versatile in its use. You could use a blade server for web hosting, running virtual servers, running a cluster server and even cloud computing. All of this in one versatile, reliable and energy efficient package at a low cost. Unfortunately only a couple of years after RLX Technologies got their tech out on the market, they were bought by HP in 2005. Even though they were bought out, today their tech is one of the most common server types out there, it reminds me of the saying about how a creator may pass on but an ideal never fades away.

PlayStation 3 Cluster Server

Primary usage: Cluster Server/Supercomputer

The PS3 Server Cluster is multiple PS3 processors working in tandem to accomplish the job of a much larger computer. Compared to larger computers, it had around or better performance for a much lower cost.

The Server has been used in everything from medical research to Air Force satellite use and even MD5 password cracking (which can crack a MD5 password in a couple of hours with only ONE PS3). Distributed computing with PS3s in peoples homes was also done with the help of the Folding@home project.

In 2007, Sony Computer Entertainment and Gaurav Khanna a professor from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth built the "PS3 Gravity Grid". The Gravity Grid was designed to simulate the effects of super massive black holes. It was more powerful than any other supercomputer that the University used for that purpose at the time (it probably still is today). Simply put, the PS3, whether used in a cluster or even a single unit could be a very versatile server for a cheap enough cost compared to more conventional methods.

Today, more than ever servers are one of the crucial elements in leading innovation, by giving a helping hand whenever strong computing is required to solve problems, which today is commonplace. In the next post, we are going to talk about how to use servers for your business, helping you figure out what works best for you. If you have something to say, please leave a comment below.

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