Wearable Tech Made Beautiful: Technology and Fashion Join Forces

Wearable Tech Made Beautiful

Technology and fashion were seen as two completely unrelated industries until the emergence of wearable gadgets, which come in various forms and are developed for different purposes. Currently, the most popular wearables are smartwatches, glasses and activity-trackers that are rapidly overtaking the consumer market. The power of wearable technology is certainly a big deal in the tech world, but their rapid adoption also dictates new trends in fashion industry as well.

Accessories that were previously associated with futuristic costumes and sci-fi movies are making a breakthrough in our everyday lives and this trend poses some new challenges for both technology providers and fashion designers. Considering the fact that this market is predicted to reach up to $50 billion in the next three to five years, it’s perfectly obvious why major tech companies invest so much effort (and money) in building recognizable products.

Their task is not only to develop new and functional gadgets, but also to make them desirable to consumers, which motivates them to join forces with fashion designers.

The recent collaboration of this kind was announced back in January by Intel, which started working with major fashion industry names such as Opening Ceremony, Barneys New York and the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). In a statement following the announcement, Ayse Ildeniz, vice president of business development and strategy at Intel’s New Devices Group said that their shared vision is “to accelerate wearable technology innovation and create products that both enhance people’s lives and are desirable to wear”. This idea is definitely an implication of the future focus of the tech industry and we may expect many similar collaborations to follow.

So far, we have seen Netatamo’s June, a bracelet with Camille Toupet jewels that synchronizes with an iOS app to measure sun exposure in real time, MetaWatch’s new smartwatch by former Vertu designer Frank Nuovo and the much talked-about Pebble Steel by Steve Johns. These pioneers of the fashionable tech have quite evidently triggered some new concepts both consumers and manufacturers would have to take into consideration, even if they are currently not too enthusiastic about them.

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