Watchdox Is Here to Secure Your Data

Secure Your Data

Security and regulation become that much more important these days because there is a continuous increase in the data stored in the cloud which is being used by an increasing number of corporate systems and mobile devices. Watchdox, which specialises in the protection and sharing of enterprise files, has announced a new product which can detect files that are sensitive and provide protection regardless of location and for every device that participates.

The integration with Symantec Data Loss Prevention means that Watchdox has the capability of functioning proactively and automatically in the protection of sensitive files. It does not matter if these files are on the move on networks and e-mails or stored in data repositories and applies to both PC and mobile device users. IT and security departments can control sensitive files despite the fact that they may be in motion and these controls will continue to be valid wherever the files may be headed.

The traditional data loss prevention solutions currently available on the market identify and flag sensitive data which is moving and administrators can choose to ignore the flag or to block the movement. However, ignoring the flag can the company to risk and blocking the free flow of data can impede the flow of work and reduced productivity. Watchdox handles this problem by not interfering with the workflow and enabling and strengthening external collaboration. For instance, it allows the delivery of an attachment with sensitive data to the addressee but provides some safeguards. The attachment can be controlled and tracked and can even be withdrawn if the data should not have been shared.

Ryan Kalember, the company's Chief Product Officer, says that sensitive data can be found but, traditionally, the problem has been to safeguard the data without impeding the workflow. Through the integration of Watchdox, the workflow can continue intact while still ensuring the security of the data. This is made possible even when the data in question is being shared with an external collaborator or contained on mobile devices outside the control of the company's network.

WatchDox provides a unique combination of productivity tools combining filesharing, collaboration and mobile device availability which company managers would like employees to use while not compromising on control, tracking and integration which the business requires to maintain data security and compliance. Even the most security conscious company will achieve its objective of reducing risk, controlling the cost and simplification in collaborations and generally managing shared content in the cloud.

The solution is focused on the security of business data so that it stays secure no matter where it goes. The legacy file sharing and transportation management techniques provide adequate security only for the transport of data but have a weakness in that recipients can download original and unprotected file copies. WatchDox goes well beyond this by providing security for the data itself by letting companies control what recipients can do with the data whether it is viewing, downloading or copying and printing documents. The solution has many features including integrated digital rights management and the availability of granular access controls.

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