Vendor’s Release 8 New Tablets

8 New Tablets

PC shipments declined in 2014 while the tablet market has grown 47 percent. In recent years tablets have invaded every aspect of people’s lives. The Los Angeles Unified School District has been using tablets as part of the children’s learning process for the past few years. Malaysia and Latin America have seen an increase in tablet purchases over different forms of electronic communication and smartphones.

Still today, many tablets continue to cater to consumer users for reading, social networking, movies, and gaming. Many vendors have started to realize the importance and convenience of the tablet and have started to add business apps to attract the business audience. Business owners find the amped-up processors; integrated cloud access, multi-app capability, and larger storage meets the demands of their business.

New Tablets From Samsung, Amazon, Acer, LG, Microsoft, Toshiba, and Lenovo

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Samsung new Galaxy Tab S has a new AMOLED display that delivers 90 percent of Adobe RGB color coverage with the industry-leading WQXGA. The table new SlideSync 3.0 allows users to make and receive phone calls directly to their tablet no matter where their phone is. With the new Quick Connect feature, the tablet quickly connects to nearby devices through Wi-Fi and LTE versions.

2. Microsoft Surface Pro 3

The new Surface Pro 3 packs the power and performance that you would expect from your laptop according to Rob Enderle. The tablet comes with a 4th generation processor Intel Core i3, i5, or i7. The 12-inch display, nine-hour battery, multiple position kickstand feature, and Surface Pen make it easy for you to take notes, gather electronic signatures, and make up documents.

3. LG G Pad

Three new LG tablets will be released in Europe to provide consumers with a range of options and sizes. The new G Pad 7.0, G Pad 8.0 and G Pad 10.1 will fill the LG tablet gap. Each, tablet comes with a 1.2 GHz QuadCore processor, 1 GB RAM and a True IPS display and is available in five different colors.

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

The new released tablet focuses on entertainment, reading, browsing the Web, gaming, and watching movies, The new tablet features include a 8.0-inch display, 1.5 GB RAM, a 1.2 GHz processor, 16 GB hard drive and runs Android 4.4 KitKat.

5. Toshiba Encore 2

The new tablet will run Windows 8.1, have a QuadCore Atom processor, and you can configure your new tablet with 64 GB of onboard storage. The MicroSD slot support 128 MG and with the Micro-USB2.0 you can connect to any external device. The new tablet is designed for watching movies, gaming, entertainment, and browsing the Web.

6. Acer Iconia Tab 8

The new tablet will run Android 4.4 KitKat, comes with an Intel Atom Z3745 QuadCore processor and an 8-inch display. The tablet is designed with Zero Air Gap technology to enhance your viewing experience. Enjoy crisper images, higher contrast, brighter colors, and better readability under sunlight.

7. Lenovo ThinkPad 10

The new tablet is geared towards the business audience, offering four flexible modes. You can connect the tablet as a stand alone tablet, with the stand, as a laptop, and as a desktop. The tablet comes with Windows 8.1 including 64-bit support, digitizer pen, add-on external display, Bluetooth keyboard or Ultrabook full-sized keyboard makes the new tablet mobile plus resourceful for the office environment.

8. Kindle Fire HDX

The new 8.9-inch or 7-inch tablet comes with a 2.2 GHz QuadCore Snapdragon 800 processor, built-in microphone, Wi-Fi or 4 G connectivity, Dolby audio, and configured with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage. The new tablet is powered by Fire OS 3.0 “Mojito” that starts with Android and adds on cloud services, built-in media libraries, low-level platform, content-forward user interface and integrated Amazon’s digital content.

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