Using HootSuite for Managing Social Media


It is no secret that HootSuite came before many other social media post scheduling services. It actually changed the way tweets were scheduled. Since then, many other tools followed their example and today many people use HootSuite exclusively for post scheduling.

HootSuite has a dashboard that enables you to find the exact content you are interested in. The tool is indispensable if you use the social media strategy and actually want to improve your productivity. Undeniably, it enables you to make use of social media more effectively.

The Primary Advantages Of HootSuite

This tool helps you send numerous posts on the same platform. For instance, you can tweet and post on Facebook at the same time with the same platform. Moreover, it enables you to use multiple accounts of any social media platform without logging in and out of them. The ultimate benefit is saving much of your time. This is how the dashboard is organized and the tips on how to use it to save time:


HootSuite has tabs just like those that appear in your browser. They are easily closed and opened and this makes it easy to access different types of information.

When using HootSuite, it is recommended to select information that is relevant to the social media strategy that you are using. For instance, if you want tweets that you are mentioned in or those that have random facts you can have them in different tabs.

Streams on Your Tabs

If you add information or keywords to your tab, you can have lots of information flowing into your tabs. The information and facts that flow into your tabs are called streams and they enrich your knowledge about a particular topic and they may spark some new ideas on what you can write about later.

Automatic Refresh of Content

HootSuite has an option of refreshing content automatically as soon as it is posted. It is easy for you to get the content in real time. Do not go for the manual refreshing technique as it can be more time consuming. Automatic refreshing makes HootSuite similar to other social networks and it saves time because there are no distractions.

HootSuite Pro Bulk Scheduler

HootSuite Pro enables you to upload pre-prepared tweets and posts in CSV format. The bulk scheduler makes it easy to manage and post them. You can post the same tweet a number of times.

HootSuite is an incredible tool for content scheduling on social media. It helps you to send multiple tweets and posts without logging into and out of multiple accounts that can be used on it. It saves time and maximizes the benefit on the niche that you have specialized in. It is no wonder that it was voted the best content scheduling tool in 2014.

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