US Virtualization Giant VMware Acquires Immidio Technology

 VMware Acquires Immidio

Continuing its desktop virtualization offensive, Virtualization giant VMware has acquired Immidio, maker of a Windows desktop virtualization management software solution.

VMware on Tuesday announced that it has acquired Immidio, an Amsterdam-based software development company. Immidio's main focus is on desktop virtualization management software. It serve enterprises by providing end-users with a relevant and consistent desktop experience that is independent of operating system (OS), device, role and location. Its main product Immidio's Flex+ allows solution providers to dynamically provision end-users workspaces with applications and setting based on pre-defined IT policies.

The move follows VMware's acquisition of mobile device management AirWatch and cloud startup CloudVolumes. Immidio is the latest and the first non US-based company VMware has acquired this year. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Summit Dhawan, senior vice president and general manager desktop products and end-user computing at VMware, wrote in a blog post that: “Immidio's assets will enable VMware to offer a comprehensive set of technologies for Workspace Environment Management.”

Immidio, founded in 2008 and based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has deep expertise in enterprise mobile management and desktop virtualization management technology. Its main product Immidio Flex+ provide end-users with a personalized and dynamic Window desktop that is adapted to their specific situation based on aspects like role, device and location. It's software first become available in 2009 as freeware.

VMware is a US-based IT company that provides cloud and virtualization solutions. It built itself into a major IT company on the virtues of its virtualization technology for running multiple virtual machines on top of each physical layer. In the past few years, it has taken big steps and broadened its focus to storage, network virtualization, mobile management and now, desktop virtualization.

Image Courtesy of: CNME

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