Twitter Tackling Diversity Problem

Twitter Tackling Diversity Problem

Like other big hi-tech companies, Twitter has confessed that they have a diversity problem. They have been hiring too many white and Asian men and not enough women, black and Latino workers.

One of the biggest social media companies employs about 3000 employees. A Twitter blog post said that it does not feel proud when it comes to the diversity of its workforce. Twitter says that they want to be more than a good business. They want to feel proud of their business. To get more diversity in their workforce, they intend to josome peer companies and share ethnic and gender diversity with them.

Twitter believes that they have a lot of work to be done. If a person breaks down Twitter's global workforce as far as gender, 70 percent of this force are men. In the United States, 90 percent of the men are white or Asian. The global workforce data have not been published, but it is assumed that the figures are no better. The diversity problem is worse at the highest paid jobs such as the key programming positions.

Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Yahoo are all having the same diverse problems as Twittter. The problem is the same in other countries. Each of these hi-tech companies released data regarding diversity last May after the Reverend Jess Jackson after he pressured and chastised them for ignoring the diversity issue.

Rev. Jackson is running a campaign this year to get significant Silicon Valley companies to have a more diversified workforce. Jackson has stated that the diversity numbers at Twitter are pathetic. He does believe that any acknowledgment of the problem is a step in the right direction.

Twitter is actively working on the diversity issue. Janet Van Huysse, the vice president of diversity and inclusion at Twitter, wrote a blog post where she said that Twitter is very cognizant that it is part of an industry that has dramatic imbalances in diversity. She continues that current research proves that more diverse teams are better at decision making. Research adds that companies in high positions produce better financial results.

Van Huysse noted that Twitter has many internal efforts to get more inclusiveness in the company and that it is working with many organizations to make the company more diverse.

Google, like Twitter, admitted last June to the public that only 17 percent of its employees are women. Google did promise to do more and started a website called Made with Code that encourages girls to learn code. The official blog for Google said that there are too few women and far, far few girls in the technology field.

The blog goes on to point out that coding is not just useful for working at a tech company. Engineering is not only for engineers. A girl will find coding useful in interior design, medicine, architecture and music. No matter what a girl dreams of doing, coding will help her get there.

In Australia, there has been the launch of Girl Greek Academy, an academy that aims to reach one million girls how to do the code by 2025.

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