Turning Your Safety On: A Data Loss Prevention Manual

Data Loss Prevention Manual

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a collective system which detects and protects sensitive data by usage of advanced content analysis stemming from a single management console.

Security should always be at the top most priority of any one because loss of private files could make or break a company, organization or even a reputation of a person. It is very hard to trust anything on the internet, so people should be guarded and always keen to details and familiar with jargons of the technical side of the World Wide Web. While articles show how to apply data loss prevention on their business or organization, one must be educated first with the right terminologies.

About Data Loss Prevention

Here is some information about data loss prevention which can be very helpful to people who are not acquainted with uncommon terms; it may not be a complete guide, but it can cover crucial areas about your unwanted downloads and data storage.

  1. Prevention before cure. Prevention will always be part of the solution. Take for instance blocking email. DLP can act as mail transfer agents wherein it is capable of allowing and blocking email messages. DLP can extract sensitive content, put it to quarantine and make a file subject to being blocked, depending on the violated policy taking place.
  2. Comprehending the architecture of data loss prevention as a system. Most people claim that DLP is a complex system, but we should all know that there are three angles that we just need to know: the gateway, data stored and endpoint. It is important to note that from these three approaches, we just have to pull them all together as a single solution with detection engines, management interface and common policy engines.
  3. Being cautious of professional services. Before buying anything, check first the provider’s capabilities, and find out what is included in the cost. Complete and effective implementation on your system sounds good, but what if there are only areas which should be given high priority? Be sure that the person providing you with service has the skills to deploy requirements needed. Next, you have to confirm detection methods. As there are a number of detection methods, we can be conclusive that solutions were not created equally as well.
  4. Knowledge on different data loss prevention technologies. The term Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is not frequently found in a local office supply store, remote data destruction, back-up and recovery technologies, power strips and even on privacy filters. According to data loss prevention experts, there are two levels of data loss prevention. One is Full Suite and the other is Channel Data Loss Prevention. The former’s task is to exclusively prevent sensitive data loss, while the latter makes DLP a single feature among a long list of non DLP functions.

The key is to look first where you are vulnerable before researching on DLP solutions. Make a requirements list for you to check once in a while and familiarize yourself with the technical requirements needed for you to be fully safe whether via email or web in general.

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