5 Top Data Blunders Every Startup is Making

Top Data Blunders Every Startup is Making

Large corporations and large scale local business organizations usually maintain an IT department that oversees the company’s data management and IT related issues. Micro and small business owners usually cannot afford an IT department; thus, their common trend toward technology maintenance is that they don’t bother fixing something until it is broken. Decision-makers typically have an array of alternative resources to manage in order to run their businesses; unfortunately they care little to stay up-to-date on the fast changing arena of modern business technology.

What many small businesses fail to realize is that their investment in the technology may be one of the largest investments that they make and it deserves to be proactively maintained. If there is an unplanned failure then it is more likely to cost a lot more than the costs of proactive care.

TOP Data Blunders Almost Every Startup Business Is Making

No data backup

What if a natural disaster strikes your office today and destroys everything? What if a hard drive containing critical data crashes? How long would it take for your business to recover? A reliable backup strategy is essential for a small business because emergency data recovery is always an expensive process. Taking adequate precaution against data loss is the best strategy. There are backup solutions available which can make business up and running within a few hours, and there are many options to choose from to fit your needs.

Over-Extending the Life Of Technology

One of the most common mistakes done by businesses is relying on outdated technology. Examples of outdated technology are operating systems, hardware, and software. It is always worth avoiding the “cheap” route and sourcing older hardware and software. Consider The Windows XP operating system which is still used by many small businesses but they don’t think the fact that Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP. So by using it they are putting their valuable data at a risk of exposure. Hard drives typically have an average life span of approximately three to five years so replacing them before a crash is the best option.

Poor Antivirus and Malware Protection

To protect systems from the hands of hackers and potentially devastating malware small businesses will need anti-virus software, malware protection, and a strong firewall. Hackers know that the smaller companies are vulnerable and make easier targets because many small businesses do not invest to maintain security.

Irresponsible Passwords

If each user has his own password and profile, the system’s data would be safe. It is not prudent to allow the same password for different devices. For example, the password for Wi-Fi should not be the same as the password for a server where critical information is stored. Risk of falling of a device into the wrong hands cannot be ruled out. A work laptop or phone can be lost, and the person who finds it may try to access crucial information. It is common for people to try a variety of simple passwords that can be easily remembered; for instance “12345”.

Not Outsourcing IT Support

Managed services, a rapidly-growing service in the business technology, are available to business houses. Hiring an IT technician may be best option for a growing business but their budget might not permit to hire an on-site personnel. Fortunately there are specialized businesses to address this very need, known as “Managed Services Providers,” (MSP). Maybe for a small business technology is the largest single investment but it is essential to maintain smooth environment for continuation of the fastest possible rate of growth while avoiding unforeseen cost in the future.

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