Top 6 Free Cloud Storage Options for Backing Up Your Files

Free Cloud Storage Options for Backing Up Your Files

Nowadays, keeping a back up of your files in a USB or external hard drive isn’t enough. If you really want to increase the security of your documents and images, cloud storage is the best option available. The added advantage of this is that with just an Internet connection, you can access those same files again in a different computer. That being said, the following are the top cloud storage options available today.


DropBox is the most popular cloud storage available today. The free version starts off with a 2GB storage space that you can increase using different methods. There’s also a paid version which obviously offers larger storage. Being one of the first few in the market, DropBox has developed enough to offer different software-compatible versions. You can also sync it with several devices, utilize several sharing options and still keep some folders private if you want.

Google Drive

If you utilize many of Google’s services, then the Google Drive cloud storage might be your best option. You get 5GB worth of free storage for all of Google’s services including emails, documents, calendar, and more. The 5GB free space is collective which means that if you upload and send files through email then that automatically counts as part of the 5GB. It is supported by both Mac and PC devices as well as iOS and Android. If you have a Windows phone however, the Google Drive isn’t available in this version yet. Like DropBox, you can sync and share files kept in the Drive.


Another wonderful option, MediaFire offers a whopping 10GB of space which can be increased to 50GB using simple methods. Like DropBox, you can share folders across several computers and users through simple internet access. There are also versions friendly with Android ad iOS, allowing you to upload, download and make edits on your files while on mobile.


Free membership gives you a total of 10GB. Avail of the different promotional options and you can push the free storage up to 20GB. Uploading files through pCloud usually involves the use of a unique URL to be stored in the user’s personal folder. You can also share URLs to other people so they can upload items directly to your account without having admin privileges. Although simple to use, pCloud can take some time getting used to but it does have mobile apps to make sharing and syncing easier.


4Shared offers an impressive 15GB of cloud storage space – possibly one of the biggest in the industry today. The only drawback is that there’s no individual folder where you can drag-and-drop your files for syncing. The free version offers sharing and the purchased version allows for 180 days of trial before you make up your mind about paying for the service. Compared to the others mentioned above, 4Shared isn’t the most sophisticated but it is very reliable.


If you’re looking for a really large cloud storage site, Mega can offer up to 50GB of free space. Like 4shared however, there are no syncing options for this one, although sharing is possible. Mobile applications also exist although they only support image uploads. In terms of privacy, Mega offers one of the best services today which makes it perfect for personal use.

Other cloud storage options you can check out include: Dump Truck, SeaCloud, Inbox.Com and others. No matter what you choose, always take into consideration: storage space, syncing, sharing, and budget before making a choice.

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