Top 5 Phases of Social Media Maturity

Phases of Social Media Maturity

Social media has been the face of technology for the past half-decade. Social media, according to Oxford, is a group of online communications channel dedicated to community-based effort, interaction, content-sharing, data and group effort. Companies throughout the world are leveraging social media as means to enhance their growth.

Maintaining an ad-hoc approach to improve and increase optimized research through social media analytics is very important for corporate to succeed. The following are the top 5 phases that need to be part of any matured social media model:

  • Data Recording and Listening: The main priority for most of the social media companies is recording their social data as information. Large amount of social data is always available for the companies, but the data needs to be filtered and listened, to monitor social voice.
  • Engaging phase: Organizations need to engage its employees and train them into social technocrats. When this is done, employees are better aligned with business’ purpose and have increased visibility on how they contribute to organization’s success. Internal blogs and social posting must be part of the organization’s culture.
  • Customer Sentiment Analysis: Social media analytics is critical to analyze the sentiments of the existing and potential customers. The data collected from logs, blogs and other sources need to be analyzed to make business critical decisions. The social media analytics tools are available on the market to support organization’s need to mimic customer sentiments and focus on engaging customers through expected products and ad-hoc service activities. The location of social activity is also critical when it comes to assessing sentiments.
  • Deeper Customer Relationship: Customer service is of paramount importance for any business that wants to grow. Social media driven websites are making the customer service easier and are engaging customers at the right time to deepen relationships. The advantage of socializing customer care is that the interaction provides an abundance of information that can be used to improve customer relationship and servicing processes.
  • Return on investment: Organizations are always focused on improving their ROI. Social media is an investment and the ROI is always monitored by the organization. The ROI on social media is a by-product of the customer engagement and feedback on new releases and services provided by the company. Analytics provides with abundance of data to analyze the sentiments to tune the ROI on products and services offered by the company.

Social media is becoming an essential part of life online as social applications are flourishing through the web. Organizations need to take their social media model to the net level in order to be competitive in the current market climate and adapt to new business.

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