Top 5 Music Player Apps for Android

Music Player Apps for Android

For music lovers and enthusiast, it’s never okay to stick with the music app available on your smart phone. Sometimes you just got to have more! Meaning more tweaks in the equalizer, more playlist listing, and more features! If you want access to millions of songs or turn your smart phone into a dynamic FM Radio, there are a lot of apps out there to help you with that. Below is the list of music apps you would want to check out.


Even though it’s only free for two weeks, you should really consider paying for this app. It has a lot of features including themes and tweaks that will make your listening experience sound better. You can also play music and sounds of any file type like OGG, WMA, ALAC, mp3 etc. You don’t need to convert your music from your computer anymore! If you’re a power user like me, the built in 10 band equalizer will surely amuse you as well. If you’re on home or lock screen, there are 4 widgets available for you to configure and set up. If that’s not enough, Poweramp also fetches the lyrics and the album art for you. This player is surely an app you can really enjoy.


ike Poweramp, DoubleTwist is also free but can be purchased for extra features. But by itself DoubleTwist has become an app android user has become fond of. Why? Because you can easily sync your music with iTunes. It can also play videos, podcasts and it’s look somewhat is formatted to the iTunes feel so it’s easy to navigate especially if you’re an Apple fan as well.


This free music player app makes your listening experience interactive and fun! It collects your songs into an interactive 3D cube. You can either swipe left or right to access your songs and flip up or down to go through your albums. This app is Last.fm compatible and even though it has basic features, the interactive way it makes you go through your music is worth downloading for.

Google Play Music

This app is really an upgrade from previous android music players. It is well known for it’s online features such as being able to listen to the music you purchased from Play Store and streaming from Google All Access that provides ad-free streaming from more than 18 million tracks. Like any music app, it can also play your offline music stored on your phone. The interface of the Google Play Music app is nice with its modern design. You can also save your online music to be played offline and it has it’s own music store to add songs to your music collection.


It’s a free app that lets you stream songs available on it’s vast collection. You can go premium for a monthly fee and get free access to download songs to be played offline. You can also discover tons of new music by going to Spotify Radio or by browsing through their playlists from 90’s music to Alternative to Driving music, you’ll surely enjoy Spotify especially if you go premium.

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