Tips for Making Grow your Community on Facebook

Tips for Making Grow your Community on Facebook

We all know the powerful tool that is Facebook and the use of social networking for business, has simply become a part of world culture.

Some Tips To Make Your Community Grow In Your Facebook Fan Page

Personalize your Profile

Customize your company profile to make look professional and be consistent with the website and social media business.

Content with Value

To create added value content for your target audience is necessary to know very well, as this will achieve more easily identify the type of content you want. Some things you should take into account in this tip are:

  • Entertain your Community. Regardless of your image make sure your fans enjoy the content you share and when people connect to Facebook, often looking away from their daily obligations, see updates from your acquaintances or just find something that makes them laugh. Definitely want something good enough so they can share it with your friends and share experiences in this way.
  • Provides Diversity of Visual Content. Be sure to ask your manager your Facebook images are equal or better than your content, according to statistics 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, and the images are processed in the brain faster than text.

Create Educational Content

Although people seek distraction, also love to share content that makes them seem related to a specific sector or allowing them boast of their knowledge. If you learn something of value from a piece of content you have posted on your network, will surely share their knowledge gained in your contacts, so you get to extend the reach of your content on Facebook.

Promote your Facebook page

As an additional strategy you can advertise your Facebook page on all channels of offline promotion, for example in your promotional materials, billboards, business cards, packaging, contact center to name a few.

Now if you've worked to grow your community of fans on Facebook, and you get it for the purpose you wanted either to sell a product or drive traffic to your blog, it is important to remind them occasionally to your fans, that you're a business and you worth to have a look and encourage them to try your service.

It is very important to maintain a balance between the informal, professional and sales. Because it is true that people hate that offer products all the time, though one offer on occasion is not bad. Finally remember that your Fan Page is not to have thousands of fans. It's for fans who have become quality prospects for your business and get it to grow your web presence providing value and help content for people.

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