Tips To Increase Your Twitter Followers

Tips To Increase Your Twitter Followers

Want to increase traffic on your site(s)? Or want to become popular and known to the rest of the world? There is a way! And that is known as Social Networking. With approximately 230 million monthly active users, Twitter has become an exemplar of success in the online social networking niche. You don’t have to be Barack Obama or Katy Perry to have a million followers.

Few Tips To Drastically Shoot Up The Number Of Twitter Followers

Keep Tweeting

The key to acquire hundreds of followers is to tweet regularly. One tweet a day is the minimum requirement to radically increase the number of followers. More often you tweet, more followers you are likely to attract. People and businesses with an approximate number of 20,000 tweets get a million followers. So the bottom line is- Keep tweeting, because people out there want to hear more from you.

Your bio reflects you

The limited 160 character bio is your primary spokesperson for your business, brand or you as an individual. Make sure you keep concise and to the point. Mention your website in your bio so that it is easier for followers and non followers to track your business. In case you write blogs, mention the blog site as well. What’s better than increasing sales of your product and traffic on your site if what it takes is a mere mention of it in your short Twitter bio! You should also remember to constantly update your Twitter bio with current undertakings in the business etc.

Mentions and Hashtags

Tweet to people by @mentioning them in your tweets. This will grab their attention and compel them to follow you, provided your tweets are interesting and useful. Mentioning new people, brands, celebrity icons everyday and probably interacting with them will definitely increase your number of followers. Hashtags are essential as they involve several communities. Scrutinize the trending ones, especially the ones related to your business or brand and mention them in your tweets regularly.

Popularize your twitter handle

Promotion of your twitter account is one of the most crucial methods to attract followers. Promote it on your website(s), or blogs. Cross promote it on your other social networking accounts like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest etc. Promote it on magazines, books and other printed resources. You can also include it under your email signature, along with probably your phone number and company name. Your website can embed tweets to display single live tweets right from your twitter account. This is a great attraction for website visitors.

Follow people who follow you

Whether you have a million followers or hundreds, following people in return definitely makes them feel special. In this way, you will also connect to several people and businesses related to your niche. Their bio will reveal their interests and undertakings. This helps in growing your network to a great extent. Many businesses today also end direct personal messages to their followers promoting their enterprises. Sign up using Twitter on other sites Signing up on websites using your Twitter account is a way of promoting it. If it’s a blog site wherein you are guest blogging for example, your article may include your Twitter bio. This is a way of making your Twitter handle known to a large audience which in turn leads to more followers, and eventually increased sales and traffic on your website.

Content is important

The content you tweet possesses immense significance to build a rapport with your followers as well as non followers. Though it has a 140 character limit, it has to prove itself to be content of high quality. Humorous tweets are most read, along with breaking news and tweets including links to blogs etc. Thus, concise, meaningful and informative tweets are cherished the most. A business focuses more on its customers and less on its products while tweeting. This method of tweeting has proved to be very effective and profitable.


Engage your audience with your tweets by initiating discussions, asking questions and starting a dialogue with them. Both, for a business and an individual, this tip is extremely useful and effective. Also, while @mentioning a person, use ‘.’ before the ‘@’ symbol to enable everyone to see the tweet. A ‘@mention’ only makes the tweet visible to the person mentioned by you. However a tweet with ‘.@mention’ is seen by everyone else along with the mentioned individual/business.

Use media and graphics

Tweets with rich media (including lots of images and videos) attract the audience to a far greater extent than tweeted words. This is because the viewers can more easily connect and/ or relate to pictures and graphics. In order to acquire more followers, you must make it a point to include as many images and videos as you can in your tweets. Even if you try some of these tips, you will definitely increase your following on one of the largest social networking site.

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