The Web Hosting Network Management Guide: 3 Tips for Business Owners

The Web Hosting Network Management

We live in the digital age, where a growing number of markets and businesses are operating solely online. While this creates multiple opportunities for business owners, it also brings potential issues in terms of safeguarding intellectual property, preventing website downtime and reducing costs. With this in mind, an advanced web hosting service and integrated network management features are crucial if you are to adequately operate your venture successfully online, while also optimizing profitability and driving a superior customer experience.

Web-hosting And Network Management Guide To Help Create A Viable Internet Business

  1. Factor in Bandwidth and Disk Space Terms to Manage Costs: Before you decide to partner with a standard or shared web hosting service provider, you will need to understand the key terms used to describe data management and the associated costs. This is particularly important for ambitious business owners, as those that aim to draw significant traffic to their website will need to invest in a long-term plan that minimizes their expenditure. ‘Bandwidth’ and ‘disk space terms’ are both used to set out a data allowance, and you will need to use this as a metric when comparing alternative service providers. If this is all too easily exceeded through high volumes of traffic or file downloads, you may need to pay extra for a data transfer and this can be costly.
  2. Manage your Own Back-up Requirements: Ultimately, if your business operates solely online then it is imperative that your data is adequately backed up. Although you can entrust your chosen web hosting firm with this responsibility, it makes far more sense to manage this process internally. After all, the typical web hosting service provider will carry out regular back-ups as a matter of course, so there is no harm in conducting your own to help ensure that your online data is safeguarded as effectively as possible. It is also worth scheduling your own back-ups in conjunction with those of your chosen service provider, as this enables you to capture as much data as possible without duplicating workloads.
  3. Integrate External Features to Expand your Network: While web hosting is crucial in the digital age, it represents just a small faction of network management in 2015. This means that you should be proactive as an entrepreneur and strive to integrate additional, external features to help expand your network and the value that it offers. It is now possible to connect a VOIP phone to your network through a Wi-Fi connection, for example, which can help to reduce communication costs without long-term investment. Simply by purchasing Netgear’s Universal Wi-Fi adaptor, you can achieve this goal without compromising the quality of your wireless connection or being restricted to using VOIP in a single room.

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