The Most Intriguing Article Ever Written

The Most Intriguing Article Ever Written

Now that I have your attention, it is about time that I teach you about “The 3 Seconds Challenge”. I have been in the marketing industry for quite some time now and getting people’s attention in a short span of time is a challenge I constant learn and unlearn.

The 3 seconds challenge is all about catching someone’s attention in a blink of an eye. People are struggling in the internet marketing world because of the tough competition everyone experiences within the World Wide Web; justifying their worth in 30 second videos, plainly staged photos, and made up stories which go viral online and anywhere. In order to survive, people should have creative minds and better ideas. If you are not as convincing as an online marketer, people will ignore your social networking site and would rather browse something else.

How To Become An Effective Blogger, Business Marketer And Social Networker?

If you want to know the basics on how to become an effective blogger, business marketer and social networker, here’s how; read and learn.

  1. Do not set settle on a boring title. Every time I read articles online, I first look at the title. I know at first glance if the article is trying to educate me or is simply manipulating me and getting my attention to use me for viral marketing purposes. As you do not want to be deceived, do not deceive others. Brainstorm on a great and catchy title, but see to it that you can back it up with an educating content. Do not make a blog post to simply get attention. Enlighten people and be sincere. Your first 3 seconds lie on a striking title.
  2. Captivating photo. An eye-catching photo can take you to places. If you use a very striking picture on your webpage tied up to your social networking site, people will eventually share your materials.
  3. Buzz words. Use smart and appealing words, but always go straight to the point with your thoughts. Do not beat around the bushes.
  4. Punctuation marks. Always be careful with your punctuation marks. Too much punctuation marks will tone down the formality of your webpage.
  5. Grammar. Be extra mindful of your grammar. Check everything and make sure you are not plagiarizing other web contents as well.
  6. Content. Do not ever make stupid slapstick videos just for the heck of having an infinite post reach. At the end of the day, it is still important to stick to your webpage’s theme according to your personality and vision as a blogger and internet marketer.
  7. Inform, inspire and interact. Content marketing is the key. Always educate your readers and never let them leave your page without learning anything. Make sure that you have an approachable area on your webpage where you can have your readers post their comments; through this, you will be able to freely discuss things with your readers.
  8. Video blog it away. A 30 second video will do, as long as it is informative and catchy as well. Do not ever settle for less.
  9. Optimize your webpage. Make sure that your webpage is formatted and available on tablets and mobile devices.
  10. Guide your readers to a journey. Make sure that everything you’re writing is worth reading.
  11. Check out your article before posting.

If you want to be effective, you have to convince yourself first that you are effective.

Photo credits to Wise Geek.

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