Social Media Networking for Career Growth

Social Media Networking for Career Growth

Your social network should be managed like your contact book. Organize people alphabetically, keep side notes, remember birthdays, and check in on the holidays. Why? Because people whom you typically cannot get an interview with, or solicit material or services to, are on your social network and in your contact book. Your social media accounts are direct lines and easier access points to build relationships. This is what networking, marketing, and being an interviewee is. We are, at the core, building relationships and our targeted prospects are highly exposed and well aware of it. Meaning, if you express common interests with their public interests then it already tells them that you are doing your homework. You are doing your due diligence.

Don't go out and start introducing yourself to everyone you've searched for and found on a social network platforms like Facebook. First, you have to remember to manage your social media like a contact book and keep a observatory notebook by your side at all times. This way you know exactly when you messaged someone, and based on that you can decide when to follow up. You can set dates, goals, check off accomplishments - only when you are managing your social media correctly.

Social Media Is The Gateway For Solicitation

So when you are welcomed through these open gates, be thoughtful and research your leads before engaging them. Be responsive, and know what you're talking about before you speak. Solicit your ideas in a conversational manner because this is what we have social networks for.

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