The Future of IT Support

The Future of IT Support

Have you ever been on the phone with an IT support technician and found that something was just not right? Maybe they didn't communicate very well, or they didn't seem to know what they were talking about. Many IT support technicians have stories about users who seemed clueless, but sometimes it's the other way around. No one wants to get the impression as a user that you know more than the person supporting the technology.

The IT support industry is evolving. The folks in the technical community are learning that the support personnel on the front lines need more than a basic knowledge of a product or a vague interest in computers. With time, the profession continues to mature.

So what will IT support look like in the years to come? A 2013 report from HDI and Robert Half Tech offers some possible answers. Surveying 403 professionals in the field and consulting other sources, they determined that technical support will play a critical role in the future of business innovation and competition.

Top 5 Characteristics That IT Support Staff Should Have

  • a passion for supporting customers
  • a desire to continue learning about technologies and trends
  • social intelligence
  • a proactive approach to solving problems
  • greater interaction with staff inside and outside the technical support center

The industry is changing. The report cites the "consumerization of IT" - introducing tools such as smart phones and other such products into the IT support workplace - as a cause for change in the support environment. IT organizations are also moving out of the "back office" and becoming a more integral part of business operations. As any IT professional will tell you, the ability to adapt and respond to change as well as a commitment to continuous improvement are essential to career success.

IT support staff will continue to be tasked with more challenges related to mobile computer networking and wireless technology. The ubiquity of smartphones and wireless LAN routers makes it necessary to study the technologies that support them. But it will take more than raw product knowledge to be successful in today's IT support environment. A more well-rounded approach is needed.

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