The Best Browsers for Windows. Top 3 Browser Apps for YOU!

The Best Browsers for Windows

From the point of view of a web project developer the news that the browser number is shrinking is a good one. On the other hand, if we give time back to the '90s, when there were only two browsers, we realize that the situation is not exactly ideal.

Browsers On Windows

Until Recently There Was 5 Browsers On Windows

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Safari

A couple of years ago, Apple has dropped the Windows update version of Safari, and then exclude it from the site. Last year, the people at Opera decided to change the engine and pass on the Chrome - that made that Opera and Chrome to be 99% the same, with slight differences in the interface.

Firefox and Chrome updates alone (in default mode), so users will always have the latest version. Internet Explorer users are less likely to do on their own updates, so they remain with versions that come with the operating system. The most common are:

  • Internet Explorer 8 (Windows 7)
  • Internet Explorer 10 (Windows 8)
  • Internet Explorer 11 (Windows 8.1)

The conclusion is that the average user will have one of these three browsers:

  • Internet Explorer (version that came with the operating system),
  • Chrome (latest version)
  • or Firefox (latest version).

Internet Explorer's market share is steadily declining in the past 10 years, but Microsoft will not give up its development. Applications, stuff, reeds - browser home will continue to be integrated into Windows. On the other hand, as they move to Google Chrome development sails blowing in, it's no wonder that it has reached 37% (global share). Besides that, we have 18% Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari with 18% to 16%. Note that the share of Chrome includes installation on Macs.

The way things move in the not too distant future is likely to remain only with Internet Explorer and Chrome, Chrome engine if Firefox goes. And then we'll be back with 20 years back, when we had to choose between Internet Explorer 3.0 and Netscape Navigator 3.0.

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