The 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Handling Your SD Card

Minimizing Data Loss

SD cards are portable and convenient. Moreover, they are best storage devices for DSLRs and other electronics as they offer sufficient space at very low prices. In spite of their many benefits, most photographers have encountered issues with the memory cards. These cards may get damaged or video content, photos and any other content may disappear mostly as a result of user error. However, there are many steps that you can adopt to protect the data you have stored in the SD card and prevent any catastrophic loss.

Some Mistakes That You Should Highly Avoid When Handling The SD Card For The DSLR Devices

Never remove the SD card while still in use

You should never remove the memory card from a camera or from a card reader before it is fully written. If you remove the memory card while still in the process, you will disrupt the structure of the file. The device develops file structures with unique numbering and formatting sequences. After you have completed taking or moving pictures, you should allow it at least 30 seconds to finish. In addition, you should use a specific card for every device. The card’s formatting matches the specifications of every device. This process can at times introduce errors to the memory card.

Watch heat, dirt and water

Just like the other electronics, SD cards do not respond well to wetness, extreme temperature changes, and dirt. You should always keep them away from tea or coffee spills. Never store it in your hot car trunk and then take it immediately into an air-conditioned room. The memory card has contact points that are highly sensitive. You can use isopropyl alcohol to clean them but you should be extra careful not to scratch the contacts or even give them static electric shock. You can protect the card with a plastic case.

Make card readers your friends

With easy to operate card readers you can easily transfer pictures. The devices are very cheap and will also help you protect your camera’s battery from running out when downloading photos.

Be very careful when deleting and formatting photos

There are cameras that employ a very devastating way to delete photos while there are others that use a method that allow for their recovery. You can choose to move your pictures to your computer instead of manually formatting them to eliminate any chances of losing a perfect shot. There may be no chances of recovery for any photo that you have accidentally deleted.

Rotating and editing your pictures on the card

Most individuals have reported some errors that result from rotating pictures while still downloading others. When you change a photo, you will also change information of the file structure and also mess with other pictures. Before using the cameras rotating and editing functions, you should be certain that all downloads are finished.

Don’t be a Backfiller

Backfilling is the process of shooting photos in place of those that you have deleted. The new photos will try to fill the digital holes you have left after deleting the photos- a situation that cause some serious file problems. In such situations, file recovery is usually impossible.

Proper use of an SD card provides you with adequate space to store your photos and other content. You will achieve this without having to carry a heavy load or even incurring higher expenses. Due to their fragile nature, you should only use them as temporally file holders and not for long term purposes.

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