The 6 Issues That Will Shape Data Centers

 Data Centers

As organizations start to evaluate their business plans for their data centers this year it brings many changes. Companies are seeing a need to align their IT objectives with their company’s overall business goals. Therefore, IT teams, data center policies, and external service providers will have a new role in the company’s business structure. There are six major areas in an organization that business leaders need to focus on in order to build a solid data center that will align and mature with their strategic business objectives.

Six Areas In An Organization That Business Leaders Need To Know

1. Data Center Footprint

Organizational data centers continue to shrink while cloud service provider data centers continue to expand to handle the growing demands for services. Organizations are rapidly migrating to the cloud which is causing the footprint of their data centers to change. Therefore, companies are starting to reevaluate the space and equipment in their data centers. Many companies have started to reduce the space their data centers occupies by 50% as they move their business forward and migrate their data workloads to the cloud.

2. Business Applications

Organizations data centers continue to use the waterfall technology that is over 20 years old. This is slowing down companies from employing new technologies. Their program engineers are finding it hard to create new applications that the company needs. However, the agile development methodologies that cloud-based systems providers are allowing companies to change their network environment. The cloud architecture allows organizations to run their business more cost-effectively and adapt quickly to market changes.

3. IT Investment Values

Organizations are starting to look for new ways to unlock greater value in their network technologies. Therefore, network service providers are starting to help companies update their IP processes and extract the maximum value from the network. This requires IT managers to create a mature operating model that will provide the company with consistent service delivery. Network operations need to automate the processes and tasks they perform daily to free up the time they need to concentrate on strategic initiatives. A managed service provider will help your company’s IT department move their focus away from the new technologies and focus more on the business outcome.

4. IT Team Structure

This year, organizations want to bridge the gap between their CIOs and their data center staff. One problem organizations face today is that their company leaders only focus on creating a greater user experience. While their data center staff only worries about network accessibility, network security, and systems operations. Therefore, to bridge this gap, companies need to have their IT teams directly interact with their users so they can have a better understanding of what their users need. With the new insight IT teams gain, the CIOs and IT teams can work closely together to automate new technologies and implement new policies and processes for the business.

5. IT Team Skills

Organizations data centers are starting to shift their focus towards user experiences while company leaders shift their focus toward new IT members that are experienced in application programming. The new IT staff will start to build new technologies that have advanced levels of automation to work with cloud deployment and the company’s current infrastructure.

6. Big Data Analytics

This year, organizations want to leverage Big Data and extract more valuable data from their networks. Therefore, companies need a managed service provider that will provide them with IT management support and data protections. The new service provider will take on the responsibility of the company’s data to ensure it is readily available for internal audits, analysis, and compliance purposes.

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