The 3 Best Energy Saving Apps for Android

Best Energy Saving Apps for Android

With wireless charging now a viable option for smartphone owners from around the world, the issues posed by weak battery performance or the loss of power are diminishing. This technology is not available to everyone, however, while Apple handsets currently benefit from far greater energy saving tools and apps on the iOS platform.

Android is narrowing this gap, however, with the result that there are now a number of energy and battery saving applications available to users. The main benefit of these apps is that they enable your battery power to last longer, and reduced the amount on energy consumed by the typical household by charging devices.

Energy Saving Android Applications

This is critically important in 2015, especially when you consider that energy bills have increased incrementally over the last five years to more than £1,300 annually. With this in mind, let’s take a look at three of the best Android energy savings apps on the current market.

The Juice Defender

In terms of free connections, the creatively titled ‘Juice Defender’ is perhaps the best Android app of its type. It is essentially an easy-to-use battery management suite, through which you can enables users to manage common connections seamlessly and in real-time. These include features such as mobile data and Wi-Fi, which are considered to place the greatest drain on the typical smartphone battery platform. This app also includes a number of purposeful pre-set modes, including aggressive or balanced to enable toggling, scheduling and even background synchronization. It is also available in three settings and can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

The Battery Defender

This sounds like the Omni-potent energy saving application of choice, and the Battery Defender is certainly one of the most feature-rich tools available. It is also another free to access app, and one that constantly displays your battery percentage in the notification bar. This may seem like a small detail, but being aware of your battery performance makes it easier to save and conserve energy over time. This app also makes it exceptionally easy to access toggle between active and inactive features and turn off any that are not in use. You can also make quick and informed decisions about your usage and become a more responsible smartphone owner.

Autorun Manager

If you are in the market for an automated but slightly more risky and advanced app, Autorun Manager is the ideal choice. With these paid apps, you essentially remove the hassle from toggling between options and automate which tools and features start running when the phone is initially booted up. There is a basic and advanced mode depending on your knowledge base, with the latter enabling you to take greater control over features such as receivers and widgets. Although the software is highly evolved and the automated decisions based on user preferences, you find useful apps that you utilise regularly being closed without prior warning.

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