Strategies on Social Networks

Strategies on Social Networks

What are our goals? Who is our target audience? And with what content we count?

The answer to these three questions will determine the pillars of what should be the strategy to be followed so that our presence in social networks is a success.

Before you create a profile on social networks should take into account a number of key issues that we will be of great help in improving our activities in the network. Therefore there is to consider three fundamental questions: objectives, audience and content. The answer to each one of them will determine whether be in social networks and which of them.

What Are The Objectives?

If we don't have defined the objectives it be difficult to plan and set successfully the pillars of the strategy of our presence in social networks, as well as proper monitoring and results measurement. Remember, and this is very important, that the strategy followed in social networks must be aligned with the rest of the actions that are carried out both in the network and outside it.

What is going to talk about (theme, brand...), to what extent is intended to seek interaction with users or if measurable objectives have been defined they are some of the issues to very account.

Who Is Our Target Audience?

It should be clear whether it is an initiative aimed at a group or particular public. If necessary, define who they are and how we are going to promote our presence in social networks or the network to get to know them. Also, should have identified their needs with respect to our business and, more importantly, if your needs are aligned with what we can them and want to offer. 3. do we have the necessary resources? Being in social networks not be limited never to send an undetermined number of posts more or less regularly. You have to spend time to listen to what is said in social networks. It is essential to avoid downtime on social networks.

What Will Be The Content?

Once defined the objectives, clearly identified the target plublico and designated resources to manage social networks comes to begin to publish the content. It is essential that this is consistent with the theme or account activity. At the time of publish and generate content should be set an agenda. Thus, there are to distribute the content by categories or sections (for example, content informative, content learning...). We must also set how own content will generate and how many external sources will allow more content to social networks. Also you should select the type of format (text, video, images...).

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