Start Your New IT Career This Year

Start Your New IT Career This Year

Whether you’re prepping for a future career or looking to make the jump from your current job, IT is looking for you. There’s great news, too – you don’t need a four-year degree to make the move. The right certification can open the door to a satisfying career in any number of exciting fields, such as:

  • Software developer
  • Web or .NET developer
  • Systems or network engineer
  • Database administrator
  • Information security professional

We live in a data-driven world, and it’s the job of IT professionals to keep that world moving. Indeed, there are so many jobs available in so many different sectors that you’ll have the opportunity to pursue your passions wherever they may lie.

You can help develop the next generation of computer software systems or help to create the cloud-based web applications that are changing the world of business. You can work within the vast network infrastructure of a fortune 500 company or manage the databases of a progressive non-profit organization. You can even fight on the front lines of the invisible war against malevolent cyber attackers.

The right education can open doors to satisfying work in these areas and more. All you need is the drive to succeed and a commitment to learning.

Your New Career Begins With Certification

Even if you’ve been toying with technology all your life, employers are looking for solid credentials that back up your abilities. That’s where certification comes in. Even if you’re confident in your abilities, training for certification will give you the specialized knowledge that you need to thrive.

Indeed, to most employers these credentials stand out more than any two- or four-year technical degree. They’re badges of IT honour, and as you work your way to increasing levels of certification you’ll command higher salaries, increased seniority and lucrative promotions.

How Certification Works?

Certification verifies your highly specialized knowledge in specific areas of IT expertise. Major vendors – such as Microsoft, Cisco and others – offer advancing levels of certification that demonstrate increasingly higher levels of experience and training with specific products and services.

You earn certification by passing exams – but not just any exams. These tests demand intensive preparation and – with the exception of entry-level certifications – often require real-world IT experience. They’re incredibly difficult, and the highest levels of certification often require months of preparation.

Earning certifications in your chosen field is worth every ounce of effort. The average salary commanded by CCNP – Cisco Certified Network Professional: Routing and Switching – is over $97,000 per year. If you’d rather go into information security, working to earn the CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security Professional – can lead you to more than $110,000 per year.

You’re Not Alone

The very best way to train for certification is to find a reputable training centre staffed by experienced professionals. This will drastically reduce the time it will take you to train for your next certification, and that’s only one of the benefits.

Learning from someone with working experience in your chosen field offers innumerable advantages to studying on your own. Books and manuals are useful study tools, but they can’t answer questions, nor can they share in-depth knowledge about the tips, tricks and nuances involved in the work.

Better still, the best training centres offer career services in addition to certification training. After helping you you earn your certification, their resources and connections can help you turn your advanced knowledge into a concrete step towards your next career goal.

There’s Never Been a Better Time

The world is speeding up, and there’s never been a better time to find your way into the IT job of your dreams. Demand for IT professionals is surpassed only by the demand for healthcare workers, but even hospitals and clinics are hiring expert technologists to maintain their networks and manage their databases. If helping others is your passion but med school just isn’t for you, IT is the next best thing.

This increased demand isn’t just the result of growth in other industries. Technologies – and the ways we use them – are constantly evolving and changing our world. The cloud is here to stay, and it’s revolutionizing our world.

We’re seeing an explosion of new cloud-based services, and developers are needed to continue the innovation. Network professionals are necessary to improve and maintain our connections to them, and as more data flows around the cloud, security professionals must be more vigilant than ever to keep our information safe.

Here’s the proof – the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the need for software developers is set to increase by 22 percent - that’s 222,600 jobs – between 2012 and 2022. The Bureau also predicts that the need for web developers will rise by 20 percent, database administrators by 15 percent and systems administrators by 12 percent.

Hundreds of thousands of high-paying – and highly satisfying – new IT jobs are available throughout the world. Whatever your passion and wherever you live, there’s a job waiting for you in the world of IT.

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