Spring Cleaning IT Style

Spring Cleaning IT Style

Spring is here and that often means it’s time to clean everything from top to bottom. The same principles can be applied to your IT environment. It’s a great time to make sure all of those housekeeping tasks tucked away in a file, are finally done.

Power Management Is A Top Priority

In today’s “green” world, making sure that you are wasting as little energy as possible is good for the planet and for scoring points with the boss. By monitoring your energy use closely, you could save someone big money. There are lots of software programs to help you see where wasted energy is coming from.

Use It Or Lose It

Everyone loves apps. The amount of applications an IT team is supposed to maintain and manage will make anyone’s head spin. Getting rid of unused apps on servers and workstations will free up time for the IT team and most surprising, money in the budget. It is said that on average organizations have more that $400 in unused software sitting on every PC, think about what your team could do with that extra cash in the budget.

BYDO - Everyone’s Doing It

In an age of smartphones and tablets, everyone is BYOD (bring-your-own-device). It’s not worth the battle to fight it. Instead get smart and put a policy in place to deal with it. Include all the mobile/tablet devices in the policy and take the time to have a good understanding of how each device fits your organization’s compliance standards.

Automate IT

Doing something manually is the only tried and true way to know something is done right. But manual processes for every task can slow work down to snails pace for IT teams and the business they support. It’s time to identify which manual processes in your situation can be automated.

Secure The Cloud

As more and more data ends up in the cloud, it’s crucial to make sure that SaaS apps like Dropbox and Google Apps are treated with the same best practices as traditional hard drives. It seems redundant, but having access to that file on Dropbox is crucial if a Dropbox server goes down and your boss has a big meeting in 5 minutes.

Keep Some Old Things

Archiving e-mails instead of deleting everything is okay. Business e-mail’s belong to the business, not you. Instead of deep cleaning that inbox, archive e-mail’s incase someone else needs them down the road. E-mail archives can clog up mail servers, so sending those archived messages out to cloud.

Refresh Data Policies

Set aside time to review policies on data, with updates if needed. Having policies for data, (who owns it, where it should be saved, security) is important. Also having yearly audits to make sure policies are being implemented is key.

Clean Out The Cobwebs

Get out the canned air and clean out those servers and workstations.

Everyone will be thanking you!

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