Forget Software Licensing, it's Time for the Cloud

Time for the Cloud

Why do people go to all the trouble of getting something licensed? Software licensing can be very tough, that’s why it's the perfect time for you to try out the cloud. First we need to understand why people apply for licensing in the first place. There was a time when you could just label your product anything and people would trust what you told them. Well, today it doesn’t work that way. In fact, it can make customers more skeptical.

This is tough, because you now realize that people respond to the brands they trust. If you are not one of those brands, you will have a tough time competing. You are going up against years of value and great experiences, nothing can beat that.

That is why everyone today is going through all the trouble in the world to get a license. It is easier for retailers and manufacturers to borrow that trust by labeling their products by the marks/logos of their trusted brands. Licensing quickly communicates the value of your products to the consumer’s demands.

The licensing process is a tough and costly road to choose, that’s why entrepreneurs today find cheaper ways to go around that problem. One of the most effective loopholes is getting your business on the cloud.

Getting Your Business On The Cloud

Software as a Service (SaaS) is an easier option for any starting or existing business out there today. The system that you practice today involves a lot of factors:

  • IT Department
  • Servers
  • Security
  • Applications
  • Resources
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrade Fees
  • Licensing

Licensing is just part of your problem as a business. You need to have the budget in order to run these points mentioned above. This would take precious resources and focus from your business, which hinders the growth and expansion of your venture. Some people would even have a hard time getting their business afloat due to the demands.

So what can the cloud give you compared to traditional options? To start, you have cloud computing. Everything, from paper work to payroll, is done online. It’s basically plug-and-play. And it definitely costs less compared to traditional business options.

Imagine a shopping mall. It shares the same main entrance, the same electrical/water supply and has round-the-clock security. Each tenant owns a specific area and has its own door and lock. This means that there are certain things which are shared, but the really important ones like data are kept private.

So even if you share the internet with millions of companies, you still have the privacy to operate as a singular entity doing your own thing.

Watering Your Costs Down

Cut down the cost of running your company by ditching the old ways of management. With SaaS, you can have all your departments in one. Keep your accounting, Human Resource management, Inventory and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) on the cloud.

Software licensing is one of the greatest problems of business owners today. It hinders the growth of such promising ideas and funnels all the valuable assets to just maintenance. That’s why it is imperative to just steer away from licensing for it can be really tough along the way. Entrepreneurs should focus on their businesses and not on maintenance costs. That’s why it is time for people to recognize the importance of the cloud as a tool for modern day businesses.

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