Software Engineering: Developmental Problems and Prevention of Failure

Software Engineering

A software development methodology also called a software process is a division of work into a few phases or steps for better planning and management of the whole software system. The methodologies include a set of pre-defined tasks and artifacts that are developed by a team that is assigned to the process.

Several Methodologies Implemented In Software Engineering Development Process

The processes are as follows:

  1. Waterfall
  2. Prototyping
  3. Iterative and incremental development
  4. Spiral development
  5. Rapid application development
  6. Extreme programming

The rapid increase in the use of softwares in several sectors like administration, business, industry, researchers, etc.., has made the entire process of software engineering development complex. In the present day, there are softwares to develop softwares and the processes are narrowed down even further. This is making the entire Software Engineering Developmental process obsolete and chaotic. The traditional software engineering development would either ways address the challenges of these increasing complexities with a few updates now and then.

One of the major problems faced in software engineering development is the maintenance of the software itself. With the percentage of electronic waste soaring high, it is creating the need to develop softwares from scratch. The only answer to this problem is reusability and component-based development.

Developmental Problems Of Software Engineering

  1. Problem of Compatibility, Components maintenance and upgrading: Compatibility is a principle which states that any component can be replaced easily or that it can be upgraded and still be compatible with its previous versions. If a component has to be reused, it should be able to be compatible with different versions.
  2. Configuration Management Challenge: The heterogeneous nature of systems that comprises of different behaviors and configurations creates a problem when it comes to re-usable integration. These varied configurations will finally lead to the component to being incompatible with any other component or its upgraded versions.
  3. Quality control and profitability issues: The components used in any electronic gadget is generally bought or outsourced and then assembled. This give and take nature in business creates a problem when it comes to quality control. The complexity of developing these products just keeps increasing irrationally.
  4. Component generic, efforts and lead times: It is not easy to make a component reusable if the other components are not universal. In case one develops a reusable component, it still requires efforts to build the other components of similar configuration which eventually increases the lead time as well. This mismatch especially occurs in cases where a few components may need high level of abstraction while others may need the interface to be more detailed.

Prevention of Failure:

The only solution to the problems in software engineering developments is reusability and component-based development. The development of systems as an assembly of the components with the universal configuration as reusable entities best answers the issues. Since the configuration is universal with similar software, maintenance and up gradation of the systems is also not a difficult task. The merits of the component based system are as follows:

  1. The components based system offers support for the development of assemblies as components. This system will have an added benefit as the components can be reused. The only thing that changes is the hardware.
  2. Component-based systems give a better understanding of the entire composition.
  3. It also encourages reusability and thus enhances the reliability of the systems. This further helps in cost efficiency of the hardware and software integration with respect to the life of the unit.
  4. The complexities can be dealt with easily even with a traditional software development systems.
  5. All that the developer does here is a mere integration of the developed components rather than building from scratch. Cost of development and time, due to this method is also reduced, thus solving enterprise problems of cost efficiency.

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