Social Media Management Made Easy

Social Media Management Made Easy

Managing social media can be intimidating and time consuming. Luckily people have recognized this and developed ways to make social media management easier. Social media management programs like Hootsuite allows users to manage social media and track results of campaigns. Users can pull in streams from all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and more.

What Can Does Hootsuite Allow Users To Do?

Here are some examples:

  • Easily check stats and track results. Track how successful your work on Twitter has been in the past day, week or even month. Find out which tweets were popular with followers, which helps you know what topics to keep posting about and which ones to avoid.
  • Make it a team effort. Allow multiple people to manage social media accounts without sharing confidential passwords. Admins can also assign tasks, pass out work tasks to certain team members and check in on who posted what.
  • Flexibility of scheduling posts. Hootsuite allows users to schedule your updates. Updates can be scheduled by date and time across all accounts. Scheduling makes going on vacation a breeze. Scheduling also helps make the work flow more efficient by allowing users to schedule all posts at once, so you can focus on monitoring the responses.
  • Manage more than one social media account at once. Easily send out messages to multiple networks at once. You can have access to live feeds, mentions, inboxes, sent messages and scheduled posts all in one place. Stay on top of responses and messages with everything in one organized place.
  • Stay in the loop on the go. With your smartphone or tablet, download the Hootsuite app and manage your account no matter where you are.

Social media can be a powerful tool to help you succeed in whatever your business or project is. Tools like Hootsuite can help make social media management stress free and easy!

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