10 Tips Toward Selling SaaS Solutions

Selling SaaS Solutions

SaaS take-up is growing like crazy. Whether you are an app vendor selling your own bespoke SaaS/cloud solutions or a solution provider, here are 10 proven tips to improve your chances of making that all-important sale.

1. Are you already using SaaS?

Did you know that 75% of us are already using a SaaS app - we just don’t realize it.  Many companies out there already use Gmail, WebEx or one of the other popular cloud apps. Point this out to them and alleviate their fear of the unknown.

2. Spot the difference

When you’re pitching a ‘new concept’ versus a ‘new paradigm’, it’s important that you know the difference.  A new concept is a brand new never before available solution whereas a new paradigm is a solution that performs better or more cheaply than other similar products. Remember this when shaping your sales pitch.

3. Make it plain

It’s very important to explain clearly exactly what the SaaS solution does, what problems it solves and who it would work for.  Test out your sales pitch by asking some non-interested parties if they understand it when reading or hearing it.

4. Avoid using jargon and Cloud lingo

When you’re putting together your pitch, shape it around the end user’s needs, rather than the cloud.  Point out all the positive features of the SaaS solution and explain to them how it benefits them and their company.

5. Use your own account as a demo reference

Customers like to see for themselves exactly how your product can benefit them in real time.  Use your own company’s experiences to show how SaaS products improve productivity and efficiency.

6. Figures count

SaaS apps usually offer great ROI and TCO advantages over native apps.  Be primed and ready to show how your product can save money and optimize budgets by using case studies and calculations in your initial pitch.

7. Check it out yourself

The best way to understand the strengths, weaknesses and general usability of your product is to use it yourself. This will enable you to answer customers’ questions professionally rather than defensively. Don’t forget to point out any new and exciting features that are planned for the near future.

8. Message continuity

Keep your message consistent across all your marketing and sales communications, including your sales pitch, on your website and in any marketing material and ads.

9. Pitch to the right people

When you are selling into an organization, it’s critical that you identify your product champion early on and be sure to engage all of the appropriate company decision-makers.  You need to get both the people who hold the company purse strings and the IT services professional to buy in to your SaaS product. Don't waste your valuable time pitching to the wrong people.

10. Keep the IT department on your side

Unfortunately, when considering the purchase of SaaS or cloud apps, decision makers are inclined to exclude the IT department. This can cause friction within organizations and can make life difficult for you.

Remember that it’s the IT professionals who are responsible for protecting the integrity of the company’s data and infrastructure so always make sure that you include the IT guys in the sales process. This will improve your long-term relationship with the company and go a long way towards avoiding churn.

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