Securing Your Data Through Encryption Software

Securing Your Data Through Encryption Software

Do you need encryption software? If you answer no to this question, please think again. Do you throw your important information in your trash? No you don’t, you shred all-important information from credit card statements, phone numbers, social security numbers, addresses, and your birth data. Why would you not need encryption software to protect your valuable professional data?

Protect your company’s data by encrypting your hard drive and all sensitive information. Protecting your personal information is just as important. Consider what would happen if someone stole your laptop. What if your personal information landed in the wrong hands and the person stole your identity. Anyone who has access to your information can release your private information to the public. This leads to embarrassment, stress, worry, and loss of time and money. You can avoid problems by protecting and encrypting your important data.

Top Rated Data Encryption Programs

  1. Folder Lock
  2. Advanced Encryption Package Pro
  3. SensiGuard
  4. SafeHouse Personal Edition
  5. SecureIT
  6. File Encryption XP
  7. CryptoForge
  8. Dekart Keeper
  9. SafeBit Disk Encryption
  10. Ketu File

What To Look For When Buying Encryption Software?

How easy is the encryption program to use?

Look for easy to use and install software packages. Find software that was created with the customer in mind. User-friendly software packages don’t need help from the vendors or help file.

What does the program offer for data security?

Data security is an important feature to look at when buying your software. Does the package have a strong encryption algorithm of at least 256 bit AES? Does it offer shredding of original files after encryption? Is your data, 100% reliable after encryption and decryption? Does the software have a password strength meter to measure your password strength?

What are the program’s feature sets?

When buying your encryption program, check for standard features included in the package. The software should include:

  1. A trial version to test the program fully before buying.
  2. Speedy encryption/decryption of your files and folders.
  3. Offer context menu options.
  4. Give you the ability to right click on any file, folder and encrypt or decrypt.
  5. Have a portable version allowing you to encrypt/decrypt your files on the go, without needing the main program.

Does the software offer online help and documentation?

Encryption software should be easy to use and not difficult to encrypt your files and folders. The software interface should give you simple choices and be self-explanatory. But there are times you need a few questions answered. Does the software offer?

  1. A built in help menu with graphics and easy to read instructions.
  2. The ability to perform searches in the help menu.
  3. Online tutorials with graphics and easy to understand instructions.
  4. An online database with frequently asked questions and answers.
  5. Email support when you can’t find the answer you’re looking for.

Encrypting your important data should not be hard. Good software should do the job for you. Before buying your encryption software, download the trial version. See if the software offers what you’re looking for. Ask your colleagues what they use and how they like the software. Keeping your data safe, is your priority.

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