Scanning and Updating Your Computer

Scanning and Updating Your Computer

Scanning and updating your computer takes a lot of work. This is because your computer goes through a lot of installations and new software updates. This is where you must make sure that your computer runs perfectly. If you do not scan and update your computer may become infected with viruses and threats. When you scan your computer you use special software to do that. This software will detect any errors or issues that may be going on with your computer. Once the scanning is completed the software will allow you to fix the errors, threats, and issues so that the computer can go back to running perfectly.

Recommended Software for Scanning

  • My Clean PC
  • AVG Software
  • Norton Security Scan Softwareain thing you have to do is make sure that you have

These are some recommendations to consider when you want to find some software to scan your computer at any given time. There is some software that you can use to also update your computer, but you may not need software for this because your computer alerts you when updates are available for installation. This helps because you will know right away that updates are needed to be done. The main thing you have to do is make sure that you have enough RAM on your computer because if you don't you will not be able to successfully update your software and anything else on your computer. This also needs to be done so that your computer will not run slow as well.

Different Updates That Need To Be Done

  • Java Script Updates
  • Microsoft Office Updates
  • Updates to any Apps you may have on your computer
  • Adobe Reader Updates
  • Adobe FlashPlayer Updates
  • Windows Media Player Updates

Recommendations for when you should scan and update your computer

  1. Scanning: Every week and fix any issues that may need to be fixed
  2. Updating: Every week to once a month so that the computer can run smoothly

It is inportant that you keep the computer updated and scanned. If you do this your computer will be good as new and you will not have to buy new software or a new computer because it costs a lot and it is better to save money that it is to spen it. I urge you to keep your computer running smoothly and to update and scan it regularly all year long. Computers are the best tools to use when you want to do tasks fast.

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