Samsung is Keen on Providing Internet From the Sky

Samsung is Keen on Providing Internet From the Sky

Leading tech giant Samsung has given a very alluring title to a recently published report which proposes a possible new and revolutionary venture. The report is titled Mobile Internet from the Heavens and suggests sending several hundred satellites into orbit with the intention of providing faster and more reliable internet connections across the world.

As the internet helps more and more people connect with each other and with everything around them, its usage and demand grows accordingly. Samsung’s report explained how the world’s demand for better internet connectivity along with its data usage increases exponentially – ten times as much – roughly every five years, and that by the year 2028 (on average) the average internet users will easily plough through about 200 gigabytes of data per month. The company also provided some very basic blueprints depicting the prospective space endeavor and confirmed that it is truly keen on going forward with a project of this nature.

Samsung Innovating Ideas

Excellent when it comes to innovating ideas, Samsung has never truly been the modest sort of company. The tech giant is responsible for realizing a number of very original and ground-breaking ideas ranging from its Safety Truck venture – set to be seen on our roads very soon and aiding motorists trailing behind large cargo vehicles to gain better visuals of any oncoming traffic before deciding to overtake.

One might remember how Samsung made headway in the realm of 3D projection as well when it unveiled its 3D Projection Mapping technology not too long ago. This set the company apart from its competitors in the year 2010 and had its name set on everyone’s lips for months to follow.

So even though this latest endeavor would be a brilliant and obviously very profitable achievement if pulled off successfully, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise when you consider Samsung’s accomplishments.

However, though perhaps greatly innovated to the point where it might seem like a brilliantly original idea, Samsung is not first to consider launching many internet-bearing devices into space with the intention of tapping into greater markets. The tech giant would be the very first to succeed at this though, should it manage to find a way around the one thing that forced the likes of GlobalStar and Iridium to pull back on the very same idea: cost.

Earlier efforts to realize a space-based internet program have all been hindered by the actual sheer cost of getting satellites airborne. It is not a cheap and simple task, you see – sending something into space, let alone 4,600 individual satellites.

But even though two-thirds of the world currently lives without it, the internet is quickly moving away a from a luxury item to a modern day necessity. So although having thousands of satellites hover the sky may be a very costly and technically elaborate business expansion idea, if the potential profits greatly outweigh the initial cost and those of maintenance, then Samsung is sure to place another great innovation under its belt.

Image: telescope-europe.com

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