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Can’t get a job without experience; can’t gain experience without a job. It’s a paradox that many teens find themselves in when trying to enter the workforce. If you’re a smart teen looking for a job for whatever reason – be it to strengthen your applications to colleges and scholarships, to kick-start your career with a jolt of electricity, or to just earn a little more cash – Speak With A Geek (SWAG) is looking for you.

SWAG is a leading technical recruiter for some of the best companies in the world that are looking for a hand with some of their IT projects. Our “Geeks” specialize in web design, network administration, cyber security, virtual reality – basically anything and everything that has to do with technology. Our Geeks come from all walks of life. Some are talented teens who taught themselves to code, others are grizzled veterans of the tech world who just want to share their experience and knowledge. All are passionate about technology.

What Can SWAG Do For You?

We can hook you up with contract jobs that pay amazingly. We can find you opportunities that suit your schedule, your level of expertise, and your ambition. We can make you look like an absolute rock star on your résumé and college applications.

Join one of the best up-and-coming technical recruitment platform today and add some swagger to your portfolio.

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