SFTP: Important Technology For Website Security

SFTP, An Important Technology

The Web is as fascinating as it can be dangerous and unsafe. If you happen to be the owner of a website, then you should know the importance of securing your website to prevent hackers from gaining access to your account.

There are multiple sides to protect within a website, but some of them are more important and more targeted than others, requiring a deeper attention from the administrators. If you often transfer files into and from your web server, then the security of these transfers should be a major concern to you.

SFTP: Technology That Surely Can Help You Out

Most likely, you already know what FTP is: it stands for File Transfer Protocol, a network protocol used to transfer computer files from an host to another, using a client-server architecture. In the case of websites, it is by far the most used method to send and retrieve files to and from the server the website is hosted in.

What is SFTP and How is it Different from FTP?

On SFTP, the S stands for Secure, so here you already have an answer. It uses a secure channel to communicate, usually SSH, and requires client authentication by the server. On FTP, however, communications are unencrypted, meaning that any data sent over FTP channels can be intercepted and read. Not only SFTP is more secure, it is actually faster than FTP. For example, where FTP might send a command such as DELE file.txt, SFTP would send a binary like 0xBC and then file.txt.

In order to use SFTP, you first need a hosting service providing this protocol. Then, just get your hands on a graphical client like Filezilla (cross-platform). Here you will need to choose the “SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol” protocol when adding a new website, under the Site Manager.

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